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What kind Of Stun Guns Near Me For Sale?

We have a huge selection of high voltage stun guns available. Many are sleek and covert. Especially designed for women, college students and those riding public transportation.

Both men and women often ask where to buy stun guns near me? Urban Safety Solutions has been selling stun guns for 7 years. That makes us experts and our team will do what we can to answer your questions and provide information when requested. Our goal is to provide shoppers all information including details and specifications on products. This is helpful to customers searching for where to buy stun guns near me. Most common customer inquiries about stun guns?

Q. Can stun guns kill a person ?

A. No, stun guns are non-lethal A half second to one second touch by the prongs on our stun gun will instantly repel an attacker, five seconds or more. . . your assailant will be incapacitated for up to 10 minutes. The electrical shock will cause the muscles in the attackers body to spasm and contract. The effects are only temporary with no permanent physical damage to the assailant.

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Q Will the electrical charge transfer from the attacker's body to mine if he's touching me?

A. No, the charge remains between the contact points on stun device.

Q. Are all stun guns the same voltage?

A. No, but keep this in mind. Stun guns are marketed to consumers by voltage. Most believe the higher the voltage the more effective the stun weapon. Actually, this is not the case. It's the amperage of the stun gun that makes it effective. One amp will kill a human being. The amperage output of both stun weapons and tasers is much less than that The majority of stun guns are between 2-5 milliamps. The more effective and powerful stun guns are closer to 5 milliamps. Please don't focus on the voltage, but to the amperage of the stun device. It's important to buy the best stun guns online from a trusted distributor. It's a good idea to buy from an online seller registered with Better Business Bureau.

Q. Are stun guns safe?

A. As long as you follow the manufacturer instructions. Stun weapons are designed to be non-lethal. But as with any self defense weapon. You need to be cautious and don't store them within reach of children or anyone that should not have it. Today, many of the various stun gun models include some type of safety feature to prevent accidental discharge of weapon. Also, there are models available that include a protective feature known as a disable pin. It's a wristband that is attached to a pin. The pin must be inserted into the stun gun for it to function. Our trigger 18 million volt stun gun is just one example that has this feature.

Q. Are there taser stun guns for women?

A. Yes, there are many models available designed for the smaller hand of a woman. These sleek and compact models are very easy to conceal. Very often an attacker won't realize that you are carrying a very effective non-lethal self defense weapon.

Q. Are tasers and stun guns the same?

A. No, you'll often hear or read about someone referring to a stun gun as a taser. Taser is a brand name and shoots two darts into the attacker. The darts are connected to the personal protection device by wires. This immobilizes the assailant. A stun gun is designed to deliver an extremely painful shock. It requires direct contact to the body of an attacker, so it is considered a close proximity non-lethal self defense weapon.

Q. Are stun guns legal?

A. Some states like Pennsylvania and Illinois do regulate who can own these devices. So only someone having a permit for a firearm can have one in their possession. New York considers stun devices to be illegal. New Jersey recently legalized stun gun and taser devices. Majority of states do allow residents to get best high voltage weapon near me. However, we recommend checking with your local authorities before you purchase electronic device for personal protection.

Question: Can the rechargeable battery be replaced with a regular Alkaline battery? Thank you.

Answer: Looks like I have a 50/50 chance.

Question: When you apply current do you smell anything like ozone in the air?

Answer: Yes,I don't know what it is but I smell electricity. I can't say I've ever smelled anything from it, then again I don't use it for long periods and I don't get it too close to my face

Question: can i buy this when i live in sweden?

Answer: Sorry, we cannot ship stun guns across the US border.

Question: Can it stop a dog?

Answer: Yes, and the loud crackling sound of the taser gun will deter most dogs.

Question: Do you have to touch skin?

Answer: No as long as you touch clothing close to skin. No will go through clothing and will still be effective up to an inch away. The spark arcs pretty good. Of course I didnt actually test it on a person but im pretty sure a jolt from this and they will wet themselves. No just as long as it's close

Question: Do they ship to NYC

Answer: No

Question: can a 13 year old kid carry around a taser in a state where taser is legal? (incase like someone tries to kidnap them when they go to the store or something)

Answer: Depends on where you live. Check your state statutes. In most, 18 is the minimum age to possess "weapons" alone in public. Go to handgunlaw.us … see more Unfortunately not. In any state anybody under the legal age of 18 is not allowed to purchase or carry a stun gun on their person, however you can be of any age to have a stun gun in your home. I would also check your state and area laws because certain stun guns are banned and in certain cities they are prohibited an they won't ship to your house. see less Yes they can!

Question: It says life time warranty, who would I need to contact? It worked for a week and a weld spot broke in the wiring

Answer: Write to the seller, they are pretty quick to respond. I ordered two, but they I had only received one and my issue was resolved in the same week.

Question: My taser stopped working Help please?

Answer: Have you tried charging it for awhile? Please charge it for 5 hours

Question: Would this be a good tazer for my wife who is 5'4" and 110 lbs.?

Answer: Absolutely, our stun guns are an effective non lethal alternative to a hand gun. It will temporarily incapacitate a 300 pound man. Dropping him to his knees after being zapped for a duration of 5 seconds. He'll be incapacitated from 5 to 10 minutes. Stunning of an assailant for 1/2 second to 1 second will instantly repel your attacker. A taser is also an effective deterrent against dog attacks. The loud crackling sound of a stun device will instantly repel dogs. They instinctively know being shocked by electricity is hazardous to their health.

Question: can I use this in all USA?

Answer: Use it if you need it LoL. I would definitely check with my state to see what the regulations are because when I first purchased it I live in Illinois and was fine, but now they will not sell it to Illinois residents No, there are places it's illegal to protect yourself. Use your favorite search engine, and put in something like [X statutes online] where X= your state. Once you find them, search for something like "electric weapon". Handgunlaw.us is a good place to start; click on your state to bring up the PDF, and on the top right of the first page are links to official web pages for your state, where you can get good info (esp. if you're looking at the statutes themselves). see less No. In some states it is illegal and U.S custom dose not allow it to be sent over overseas

Question: How bad does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10?

Answer: It's extremely painful and will make an attacker urinate all over himself as he withers incapacitated on the pavement. On a scale of 1 to 10...Definitely 10!!!

Question: What cities can residents carry taser and stun guns?

Answer: 64114, 63116, 65807,65401,63117, 64055, 63301, 65203, 73119, 50501, 66212, 68516, 72701, 38109, 37211, 46227, 80219, 80525, 50315, 52402, 52240, 80918, 81001, 79109, 77036, 75217, 66062, 67212, 66044, 64138, 65801, 97149, 97206, 79707, 31520, 29803, 94112, 33916, 63101, 63104, 63118, 63112, 63130, 63105, 63141, 63146, 63124, 63131, 63303, 63304, 63338, 63367, 63385, 62040, 63005, 63011, 63025, 63026, 63040, 63043, 63073, 63044, 63348, 21215, 21218, 21206, 21224, 83001, 83002, 82001, 82009, 82007, 82601, 82604, 82609, 19120, 19124, 19143, 15213, 15206, 15217,15212, 18102, 18103, 18104, 18109, 80219, 80239, 80210, 80215, 80918, 80920, 80909, 80917, 80916, 80013, 80011, 80012, 80010, 80017, 80014, 80016, 80525, 80526, 80521, 80524, 80528, 30318, 30331, 30315, 30311, 30310, 30305, 30309, 30314, 30324, 30312, 30306, 30327, 30308, 92683, 92656, 92801, 92802, 92804, 92805, 90620, 92807, 92808, 94601, 94605, 94606, 94603, 94621, 94602, 94611, 94610, 94607, 94619, 94609, 94608, 94618, 94612, 94705, 94577, 94615, 90011, 91331, 91342, 91335, 90026, 91402, 90003, 90019, 90044, 94112, 94110, 94109, 94122, 94116, 94121, 94134, 94117, 94118, 94124, 94115, 94102, 94114, 94132, 94103, 32210, 32244, 32218, 32225, 32246, 32224, 33647, 33604, 33611, 33612, 33610, 33607, 33629, 33603, 33606, 33605, 33609, 33617, 33616, 33602, 33614, 32114, 32118, 32117, 32119, 32124, 33139, 33141,33140, 33109, 33132, 33154, 33119, 33239, 33125, 33135, 33142, 33126, 33133, 33145, 33127, 33130, 33137, 33138, 33131, 33129, 35211, 35215, 35205, 35206, 35208, 35212, 35204, 35214, 35235, 35222, 35207, 35209, 30602, 15260, 65211, 65409, 63121, 64110, 63701, 64468, 63103, 64093, 66506, 72401, 38152, 08625, 08561, 08608, 08609, 08611, 08618, 08619, 08628, 08629, 08638, 08690, City Center, Brunswick Ave, N Olden Ave, Rev S Howard Woodson Jr Way, Southard St, Sylvan Ave, Hutchinson Mills, The Orchards, Ewingville, The College Of New Jersey, Pennington Ave, Prospect Street, Smith Street, Home Ave, S Clinton Ave, E Park Ave, Liberty Street, Chambers Street, 07093, 07087, 07030, 07106, 07010, 07522, 07505, 07107, 07055, 07513, 07111, 07302, 07306, 07104, 07018, 07208, 07108, 07112, 07501, 07307, 07017, 07502, 07514, 07524, 07022, 07504, 07050, 07103, 07024, 08629, Cranbury NJ, Hopewell NJ, Lawrence Township NJ, Morrisville PA, Pennington NJ, Plainsboro NJ, Princeton Junction NJ, Titusville NJ, Washington Crossing PA, Trenton NJ