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High Definition Surveillance Systems

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What Kind Of High Definition Surveillance Systems Near Me For Sale?

We have a huge selection of surveillance equipment to choose from. But, if you ever need something we don\'t stock or have a special request, just ask. We will do our best to get it for you. 

Q. How many hours will a dvr record and what\'s important when I buy hd surveillance systems near me?

A. The amount of time a DVR will record is based on the DVR\'s hard drive, the number of cameras recording and the frames per second. For instance, our High Definition 4 Channel Surveillance System. Can store 6.25 days of constant recording with the 1TB hard drive and about 12.5 days of constant recording with the 2TB hard drive.

Q. What does a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) do?

A. A digital video recorder is basically a computer that converts the incoming (analog) signal from the cameras to digetal, and compresses it, and stores it. 

Q. What is a fixed lens?

A. A fixed focal length lens can not zoom. The focus is fixed. A fixed focal length lens usually allows more light to pass through the lens at a given focal length than a varifocal or zoom lens. This is especially important in low light surroundings.

Q. What is a varifocal lens? 

A. A varifocal lens is one that can be adjusted or varied. Just a more complicated way of saying it is a zoom lens. 

Q. What features should I look for in a DVR?

A. All DVRs are definitely not equal. There are several factors to consider when purchasing a DVR, especially when comparing price. The most important are the number of cameras supported, frames per second (fps), compression technology, hard drive space, network connection / remote viewing capability, motion detection, scheduling, and ability to save recordings.

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Q. What are video surveillance systems?

A. Today's HD digital video surveillance systems records images and videos that can be stored on a dvr hard drive. Video images can also be sent to smartphone, tablet or computer to be viewed "LIVE" in Real Time.

Q. How do dvr surveillance systems work and what should I look for when I buy hd surveillance systems near me?

A. The most advanced hd surveillance systems have the ability to detect motion and date/time stamp events. The dvr will record activity in view of the cameras when detected by motion sensors.

Q. Where to buy home surveillance systems?

A. Urban Safety Solutions  located in Saint Louis, Mo has HD 4 camera, 8 camera and 16 camera complete systems available online. The DVRs available are 1TB, 2TB and 4TB. Complete surveillance systems include cameras, dvr, mouse, connectors and cable. And a 19 inch wide screen monitor is also available if you don't already have one.

Q. Should I choose a Wired or Wireless video surveillance system?

A. Wired systems are much more reliable and easier to maintain. Wireless systems are susceptible to signal loss or interference due to extreme weather, electronic appliances, computers, television and cell phones in the home or business. Once the signal to cameras is lost or interrupted The video security system is useless. Also, unless foolproof measures are implemented  Internet enabled cameras are prone to getting hacked or remotely compromised. In which case, other people now control your security cameras and invade your privacy.