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  • Unstoppable Stun Baton On Sale Now!

    Alarming Statistics On The Crime Rates
    This is possibly something that all of us are aware of. News of mugging, assaults of a physical and sexual nature, kidnapping or murder are at an all-time high. The need to protect oneself from accidents and unfortunate events is increasing with every passing day. Personal safety measures need to be taken. After all, prevention is always better than cure.
    If you take a look at the available options for protecting ourselves, half of them are impractical, expensive or out of the question. For example, a gun. A gun is a great weapon and is powerful enough. It can threaten anyone to submission even without firing a shot. But can you use it in your daily life? The answer is no, because the regulations governing the ownership and use of one are stringent.
    That’s why we need something strong enough to keep our assailant away and keep us secure. And we might be having just the perfect solution. The unstoppable stun baton on sale now is quite literally the answer to all your safety problems.
    The Working of a Stun Baton And Everything Else Related to It.
    The unstoppable stun baton on sale now, and you should get one for yourself. But before that, read on to learn more about stun batons and how it works.
    What is a stun baton? -A Stun Baton is an electroshock weapon which delivers strong jolts of electricity to the person whom the device is aimed at. The electric shocks can momentarily render the person immobile by disrupting muscle functioning. This is thus, a non- lethal weapon that inflicts not- fatal injuries. But, the shock will be strong enough to bring the attacker/assailant to their knees.
    How does a stun baton work? -A stun baton has a metal end which is electrically insulated from one another, and is split into two separate parts. Sometimes, it may have two slim outward- projecting metal-electrodes that are about an inch apart. It’s the end of the baton that has compartments for batteries and the main mechanism. On the other end of the baton, you’ll find a switch and a handle. Sometimes, the side of the baton is electrified in order to prevent the attacker from snatching the device.
    Both points of the electrodes must touch the attacker, otherwise it won’t be effective. The stun baton will make a very, loud buzz sound as well when its switch is pressed. This can also help threaten the assailant, making him think twice before initiating attack.
    Why Do You Need A Stun Baton?
    To protect yourself! A stun baton can keep you safe from attacks from burglars, bullies, marauding dogs etc. Whether in the broad day light or during the night, this device will act like your personal savior.
    With all the amazing features, the unstoppable stun baton on sale now remains the go-to non-lethal weapon for your loved ones and yourself.

    The Advantages and Common Misconceptions Surrounding a Stun Baton
    Your safety is in your hands, always. A stun baton will give you leverage over your attacker so that you can defend yourself and gain considerable advantage of the situation. But in order to fully appreciate the advantages of a stun baton, you’ll need to clear the misconceptions surrounding it.
    Some people assume that since a stun baton gives out electrical jolts, it will cause the electrocution of the attacker, leading to an on- the- spot death. This is most certainly not the case. The electric shocks will only make the subject immovable for a short period of time by unsettling the muscle tissue. The device is a completely non- lethal one. There are experts who have suggested to avoid the chest and head area when deploying the device, and to instead aim at the subject’s stomach. These belly shocks’ are equally effective.
    Now coming to the pros of the device, the unstoppable stun baton on sale now is a perfect alternative in case you don’t have special self- defense training. Like we mentioned before, the stun baton when used, makes a loud sound which can most of the time, scare the potential assailant. You can opt for an extendable stun baton which can be used for this purpose from a safe distance. This way, you’ll never be at risk.
    If your assailant still tries to come for you and snatch the baton, the sheer force of the delivered electric shocks will bring him to his knees. You will always be well- protected from any attacks as such. Though the shock current is non-lethal, it’s still potent enough to make the subject immobile, and buy you time to run away or call for help. You should escape and avoid physical struggle, before your assailant can move again.
    The stun batons can be easily carried in your purse and are super convenient. Nearly all stun batons have a one- push feature which facilitates easy use. The batons are usually packed with more than 800,000 volts of electricity which makes it really powerful and gives you an added advantage over your attacker. You can keep your weapon concealed from prying eyes, which may come as a shocker to your unsuspecting assailant.
    Some of the stun batons come with a flashlight which can be used to momentarily blind the subject. Yes, the light emitted from the flashlight can be so bright. Your batons may sometime, include a micro alarm system to help raise alert. This feature can help you gather attention, as a result of which your attacker may run away.
    If you have a non- extendable stun baton variety, then it may make things a tad bit difficult for you. A stun baton requires you to come close to your attacker in order to work effectively. Both the metal prods need to touch the subject. It is advisable to remain alert at all times when walking. If the attacker is discreet enough to come at you from the back or side, you need to be ready to attack. Any time wasted will put you at a disadvantage.
    In order to appeal to more customers, manufacturers are now coming up with rechargeable batons which just need to be plugged into the wall socket. The batons are available at affordable prices to create purchasing power for everybody. Be that as it may, customers don’t have to worry about poor quality because of the cheaper price. The stun batons are high- quality, durable devices and usually come with a rubber- coated handle to give a better grip.
    Nobody can predict any situation, anything can happen, anytime. The manufacturers, keeping in mind all sorts of possibilities, are now including a safety pin with the device. This is another added advantage to a stun baton. If the attacker knocks off the device, or succeeds in snatching it from you, then you’ll just need to pull the pin which will instantly disable the baton.
    You can now see just how effective a stun baton can be if you choose it as your preferred non-lethal weapon. Well, why not take advantage of the unstoppable stun baton on sale now and begin reaping these benefits?

    Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing A Stun Baton
    Know your budget before proceeding to purchase a stun baton. It is advised to choose a reputable and established company to enjoy top- notch services. This will also reduce the possibility of receiving a faulty device. Test the product before purchase.
    The material, the grip, the size – everything should be as per your needs. Look for products which have warranty as well. Unstoppable stun baton on sale now and you can get one from either registered shops in your locality or from one of the online retail stores.
    There are a lot of states that have made the use of electroshock weapons like stun batons illegal. As a law- abiding citizen, it is your duty to find out whether your state allows the possession of stun batons. You can be given a misdemeanor, in case you don’t abide by the rules.
    What Are the Customer’s Verdict After Using the Stun Baton?
    As a buyer, before investing your money in any product, you’d definitely want to know whether the product is even worth your time. A lot of the stun baton users are exceptionally happy with the product. The convenience, light weight feature and easy operation have had multiple positive reviews.
    Many people appreciate the idea of having a personal safety device, which provide them with round- the- clock security at such an affordable price. There are innumerable stun guns available in the market to choose from.
    If you want to purchase one for yourself or your loved ones, then the unstoppable stun baton on sale now is a great choice.
    Some Stun Batons Available in the Market Along with Their Features
    Here are three amazing stun batons along with their features and prices for you.
    #1: Bad Ass 20,000,000-Volt Stun Baton
    This is quite a powerful stun baton packed with a 20,000,000- volt coming at a price tag of less than $60. The rows of cleats placed on the upper side of the baton can inflict a lot of pain. The device comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and is also rechargeable.
    The flashlight attached with the product has multiple settings such as a flashing strobe for emergencies, full-strength mode, 50% battery-conservation mode, etc. The stun baton has a non-slip grip too which makes it perfect for urgent situations.
    #2: Police-Force 9,000,000-Volt Tactical Stun-Baton
    Another amazing stun baton to purchase, this one comes with a striking edge which can break through glass and is a fully rechargeable stun baton. Packed with a 9,00,0000 force, it meets all the security requirements, including those of the police and the military. It even has military grade components.
    The device has an ultra- bright LED flashlight. The flashlight has a total of five settings for the user to choose from. The manufacturers give a lifetime warranty for the baton. This device will cost you less than $60 as well.
    This stun baton comes with a rubber-coating for a tight grip and three-function flashlight. The flashlight has three predetermined modes. This device has a voltage of 12 million which will unleash a very powerful shock to anyone trying to snatch the baton from you.
    There’s also a wrist strap with a safety pin attached to the device, in order to ensure safety. You’ll also get a nylon holster and wall charger with it. This stun baton is the cheapest in the list at around $38. Many are of the opinion that it is a complete, value-for-money product.
    Unstoppable stun baton on sale now, and as such you don’t need to make hasty decisions. No matter what you choose, choose correctly.
    Stun Guns V/S Stun Batons
    Both stun guns and stun batons are electroshock devices. Both give out strong jolts of electricity at the aimed subject and require you to be in close-range with the assailant. You may ask where these two devices exactly differ from one another. The main difference between the products is their design.
    A stun baton is longer, being elongated in shape whereas a stun gun is a compact device similar to that of a calculator. The working of the devices is more or less same and both require the electrodes to touch the attacker, yet are forceful enough to protect you from danger.
    For Whom is A Stun Baton Most Suitable For?
    Stun Batons are mainly for everyone. Whether you’re a teenager or a grown person, woman or man, stun batons can provide you with your piece of mind. The batons can be your armor from potential attackers. If you want to feel free from danger every time you step out of your house, you are the target audience for this product.
    Often, it is assumed that only females need personal safety devices, but that is certainly not the case. Don’t men get assaulted, robbed or kidnapped, even murdered? Safety is everyone’s responsibility and all should take necessary measures to ensure the same.
    This makes the unstoppable stun baton on sale now. The perfect weapon for everyone.

    Take Care of Yourself and Your Loved Ones

    Stun batons can give you and your loved ones a high level of security no matter where you go. Whether you’re travelling in public transportation like metros, buses, etc., or whether you’re just taking a stroll in the neighborhood, this device will always give you an edge over your attacker.

    Whether you work late-night shifts or go on strolls with your dog, the truly unstoppable Stun Baton should be your go-to product for safety and the good news is, it is available for sale now!
  • Trigger Stun Gun Sale Now!

    The Need to Protect Yourself Is More Important Than Ever
    The news of rampant cases of physical assault, mugging, sexual assault, stabbing, kidnapping, etc., have become a recurring phenomenon on our television screens. The crime rates all over the world are at all-time high, and there seems to be no signs of abating.
    This only amplifies the need for effective safety precautions. After all, our safety is our own hands. We can’t just pray for nothing bad to happen to us and our loved ones when we can take proactive measures to ensure the same.
    When you sit back and think about all the possible ways to protect yourself and others, what are the options actually available to you?
    Knives? Impractical, you can’t carry those every day. Running away as soon as anyone attacks you is highly circumstantial. What about guns? Well, these are highly unlikely as they are dangerous and their use is closely monitored by authorities
    You’ll need something that will actually help you ward off danger with the least effort of your own. And we have the perfect solution, the Trigger stun gun sale now, is exactly what you need.
    Everything You Need to Know About the Company, Trigger

    Safety Technology is a company that makes efficient, high- quality powerhouse products for both men and women. It has created a reputation for itself by selling varied affordable, security- based products.The company offers tasers, safety lights, security gear, hidden cameras, steel batons, a host of home protection products, sling shots, children safety products and of course, stun guns for sale. Each of their product is top- notch and durable.

    They offer amazing customer service to ensure that you never have to be dissatisfied with your Trigger products. You can rest assured that when you place your trust in Trigger you will receive champion products without burning a hole in your pocket.
    The Hustle of a Trigger Stun Gun
    The Trigger stun gun for sale now is a user- friendly weapon. The stun gun has been designed keeping in mind the possibility of situations and movement agility that would be required then.
    If you have a weapon that takes time to launch or isn’t very forceful, then the repercussions can be life- threatening. When under attack by your assailant, you need to act fast and save yourself.
    Trigger identified this need and came up an amazing solution - their range of stun guns! The user will need to point the stun gun in the direction of the assailant and just press the trigger. You’ll be amazed by the sheer force and capacity of the stun gun. Upon pressing the trigger, a violent jolt of electricity will be emitted which will be powerful enough to bring your assailant to his knees and keep him immovable for some time. You can either call for help, or run away to a safer place after that.
    Now, the electric jolt from the stun gun won’t kill them, making it a non- lethal alternative to a hand- gun. Though it lacks lethal potent, you should not have any doubts regarding the effectiveness of the product, it is just as strong.
    Reasons for You to Choose the Trigger Stun Gun
    Trigger stun gun sale now. But, we do understand the need to know about the product in detail – its features, durability, pricing, power force, etc. We have compiled a list below to tell you why
    Trigger Stun Guns should be your only choice.
    1. Trigger Stun Guns Are Reasonable and Cost- Effective
    Stun Guns are quickly gaining popularity worldwide due to their effectiveness and practicability. Most are taking advantage of the increased demand for non-lethal weapons and are charging higher prices. But not Trigger, as they don’t want to manipulate their customers.
    Trigger wants to firstly, increase the safety of the customers so that they don’t feel threatened by anyone. Their stun guns are powerful but at the same time, aren’t very expensive. The price of the product has been kept affordable for all, to help create an opportunity where security weapons can be accessible by everyone.

    2. The Stun Guns Are Very Potent

    Most people would want to own a product that can actually protect them, and give them an advantage over their attacker. The Trigger stun gun on sale now is exactly that and much more. They are loaded with a power of 4.8 milliamps.

    The electricity jolt would, as a result, be very strong (but not cause death), giving the user an amazing weapon. The user will surely be impressed after use.
    3. Trigger Stun Guns Are Equally Durable and Robust
    Trigger as a brand is known for their high-end products and the stun guns are no exception. The materials employed in the making of the gun are of the best quality.
    For a tight grip, the company has also added a rubber coating on the stun gun. The users will never have to worry about not getting value- for- money products in this case.
    4. They Are Solid Products Yet Compact
    A good stun gun should be small enough to be carried anywhere to provide round-the-clock security. Trigger stuns guns are pocket- sized and can be easily fit in your purse. The guns weigh less than 7 ounces, making them really light-weight and super convenient.
    But that notwithstanding, the potency has not been compromised in any way so as small as it is, it still remains one of the most effective non-lethal guns.
    5. An Added Safety Feature of a Flashlight
    The Trigger stun gun sale now, comes with a integrated flashlight. We are calling this flashlight an added safety feature because it is a really bright 100 lumen, which can actually momentarily blind the assailant.
    This can give the user the opportunity to cross-attack and gain leverage over them. The flashlight can also be employed for the traditional purposes in our daily lives.
    6. Take Advantage Of A Disability Safety Strap
    You never know who can attack you and when. Same way, your plan to use the stun gun may backfire if your attacker knocks the gun out of your hand or snatches it from you. Keeping these different possibilities in mind, the stun gun has been designed to incorporate a disability pin strap for your safety.
    In case of any situation where your gun has been taken away from you, you’ll just need to pull the pin strap. The pin strap acts like a key of the gun and when pulled, will immediately disable it. You’ll never have to worry about your safety with this product.
    7. Trigger Stun Guns Are Rechargeable and Come with Lifetime Warranty
    The constant changing of the batteries can be a pain for anyone. Trigger has designed its stun guns in a manner that completely removes the need for removable batters. The product will come built-in charging prongs that the user will just need to plug it in the wall socket. This will definitely prove to be very convenient.
    Also, there’s the added benefit of life time warranty with the gun. This exhibits the company’s guarantee of high-quality products to their users for every purchase of theirs.
    Trigger stun gun sale now suggest the customer add a Wildfire Pepper-Gel to their purchase. The pepper gel is more effective than pepper spray as it can be used outdoors and indoors.
    You’ll get up to 25 bursts with the gel which is five times more than their competition’s, as it isn’t affected by wind blows. The gel remains effective even when sprayed from a distance of 10 feet.
    9. Drink Guard Drink Test Strips
    The Drink-Guard Drink test strips, offered with the product, will help the user determine whether their drink has been roofied by anyone. In today’s time, these tests are an amazing invention to keep oneself away from danger.

    It comes with ten test cards which each card having two tests on each side. The tests can be easily fit anywhere as they’re small.

    What Are the Customers Verdict After Using the Trigger Stun Gun?
    If you are still having second-thoughts about the durability and effectiveness of the Trigger Stun Guns, then we’re sure that after reading about the experience of their previous customers, all your doubts will be completely removed. All the customers have been extremely happy with the products, with maximum users giving it a 5- stars rating.
    One user was particularly happy about the affordability and quality of the product and how it makes him feel safe whenever he goes out. Another user had chanced upon the product in a flea market and decided to purchase it for her daughters. She added that she for thankful for having seen the product that day. The disability pin strap and safety technology of the stun gun was what impressed another customer.
    All in all, the stun gun has mass positive reviews from its current owners with everyone being impressed with the abundance of features, top quality and the fact that it’s accompanied with an inexpensive price tag. Isn’t it great there's Trigger stun gun sale now! Buy one immediately and feel safer than before.
    How to Pick A Correct Stun Gun for Yourself
    Choosing the correct stun gun for you is a process requiring research and careful consideration. As you can’t kill anyone using a stun gun, the legal formalities involved is negligible but being a law-abiding citizen of a county, it is important for you to find out whether your city has made stun guns legal or not.
    Look for stun guns that are within your budget, Trigger stun gun sale now for limited time. So are both discounted and powerful. Test the grip of the stun gun and whether its quality is good or not. Remember you need a stun gun, not a taser. Often, people confuse a taser with a stun gun when both are not the same at all. We’ll discuss this later in the article.
    Always buy stun guns from reputed dealers. After all, it is a matter of your safety. You can get yours from the local, registered shops in your area or even online, as you please.
    Stun Guns V/S Tasers
    Stun Guns are often used interchangeably with tasers. This may be due to the similar design and the use of electric jolts to make the assailant immobile, but they’re still different. We’ll tell you the difference between the two below.
    The Taser is an electro- shock weapon that can be aimed at the attacker from long- range as well as close- range. The stun gun is also an electro- shock weapon but can only be used for close- range attacks.
    The Stun Gun has two or more prongs attached to it which gives out a powerful jolt of electricity. The taser, on the other hand, shoots spear- shaped probes which goes through the clothing (sometimes, even skin) and delivers electric shock.
    Usually, the government relaxes laws on the possession of a taser in certain states like Connecticut but the taser should be kept in the house. States like Rhode Island, Hawaii, New York and Massachusetts have made it illegal to possess both, stun guns and tasers. All in all, it is perfectly legal for civilians to carry and own a stun gun or a taser for self-defense in most states. But it's always best to check for possible changes to state and municipal laws.
    Also, both stun guns and tasers aren’t life- threatening and neither do they emit electric- shocks strong enough to electrocute anyone but prolonged use can result in a life- threatening situation.
    There have been rare instances when people suffering from heart conditions have died when shot with tasers. Thus, tasers are more powerful in comparison to stun guns, and should be handled with caution.
    Trigger’s Target Audience
    The Trigger stun gun sale now, is  perfect for anybody who wants to feel protected and defend themselves from potential attackers. The product is not designed as a gender-specific product. Both men and women can use it.
    Like mentioned before, the main motive of Trigger is to give their customers peace of mind. People who use public transportation, people who work late- night shifts, as well as those who feel unsafe or just in case of emergencies should all arm themselves with this gun.
    Everyone can feel scared and threatened, no matter their size. The Trigger stun gun sale now. Is a  great way to remain confident even when walking in high-risk alleys. Even walking across town to ride the St. Louis Metro train or bus.
    The company aims to create an environment where unsuspecting victims have a chance to protect themselves. This is truly an amazing product to ensure your security anytime, anywhere.
  • Safety Technology Trigger Stun Gun On Sale Now!

    In recent times, the need to protect oneself from danger has increasingly becoming more important. We cannot possibly carry guns and other firearms because their ownership and use is heavily regulated. However, there is a safer alternative. Stun guns! This gun is a non- lethal alternative which can help provide protection from assault, mugging, and other potentially threatening situations. It can give the owner confidence for their safety. Trigger is a brand that has established itself in creating high quality products. And the good news is, the Safety Technology Trigger stun gun on sale now.
    How to Choose the Correct Stun Gun?
    Stun Guns have to be carefully thought through before purchase. The device doesn’t kill anyone and as such, there are fewer [if at all] legal implications involved. Be that as it may, there are certain things that you should keep in mind before choosing stun guns.
    Find out whether carrying stun guns with you is legal in your city. Yes, some cities still haven’t made it legal. Also, you should know that a stun gun is different from a taser. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to find them used interchangeably, even though they are not the same. The difference is their range. Tasers can be used from a distance of 15 feet as well as from a relatively closer range, but stun guns are close- range devices.
    Stun Guns are easily available, from any shop or even in online retail outlets. However, you should always ensure they’re of good quality as you don’t want to end up with a bogus device when choosing something for your own safety. Trigger is one brand that you can always rely on and now that Safety Technology Trigger stun gun on sale now online, it makes the choice even easier.
    How Does the Trigger Stun Gun Work?
    Stun Guns are really easy to operate, just pointing it towards your attacker and pressing the trigger. They help to bring down an assailant/ attacker by giving out a strong, yet not fatal, jolt of electricity. This can immobilize the attacker, giving the holder enough time to run away or call for help.
    Trigger Stun Gun has a unique trigger design. It has a flashlight which is a really bright 100 lumen, that can momentarily blind the attacker. The flashlight can also be used for everyday purposes of illumination when there’s no imminent danger or threat.
    Why Should You Buy A Trigger Stun Gun?
    While the Safety Technology Trigger stun gun is for sale now, you must be wondering why the product is more hyped as compared to others of a similar caliber. Here’s why.
    1. Powerful
    The most important feature of any stun gun is whether it’s powerful enough to provide protection from the assailant. Trigger’s Stun Gun is just that, powerful and effective. Trigger’s stun guns have power of 4.8 milliamps, making them your go-to non-lethal weapons in cross-attacking the assailant.
    2. Compact Size
    The Trigger stun gun is really small, which makes it relatively easier to carry around in your purse, or even in your pocket. You’ll always feel safe with Trigger and the best part is, your assailant will never see it coming.
    3. Disability Safety Strap
    The Trigger Stun Gun comes with a disabling pin strap. If any situation arises where you lose your stun gun or in the event it’s taken away by the assailant, you can just pull the pin strap and the gun will be disabled. The pin strap acts like a key of the gun.
    4. Wildfire Campus-Safety Pepper Gel
    On purchase of the stun gun, you’ll also get a pepper gel. A pepper gel is more effective than pepper spray as it can be used indoors and isn’t that effected by the wind blows. Also, you’ll get up to 25 bursts which is five times more than what major competitors offer. You can protect yourself from a distance too as the gel is effective even from a distance of 10 feet.
    5. Drink Guard-Drink Test Strips
    You’ll also get test strips which can help you to determine if your drink has been roofied. You’ll get ten test cards with each card having two tests on each side. These test strips are short and can be easily kept in a purse.
    Its ease of use, fairly small size and stunning power is what makes the Trigger Stun Gun the most preferred non-lethal self-defense weapon.
  • Electrifying Trigger Stun Gun For Sale

    Don’t you feel the need for extra protection in today’s world? Guns are out of the question, running is a huge risk, and relying on your guts and hoping that you don’t encounter any thugs or assaulters isn’t a feasible option too.
    But there is a solution that will almost always work for you –the Stun Guns. These are great devices that can provide you protection from your assailant at all times. Trigger, identifying this need has developed stun guns that are really easy to use and come at a reasonable price. It has put its electrifying Trigger stun gun for sale so that all can purchase and begin to enjoy the amazing beauty of what these guns offer.
    Why Choose Trigger?
    Below are reasons as to why you should place your trust in Trigger Stun Guns.
    1. The stun guns are potent and efficient. Having a power of 4.8 milliamps makes the electric shock really powerful and effective, bringing the assailant down to his knees.
    2. You can never be sure as to how the situation will unfold in the eye of your attacker. And even though you may have your stun gun with you, it might get knocked off your hand or the assailant may overpower you and snatch it. In order to protect yourself, you’ll just need to pull the disabling pin strap of the gun which acts like a key. This will swiftly shut down the device.
    3. Trigger Stun guns have been designed keeping in mind convenience. These stun guns are small and easy to fit in a purse. In fact, you can even carry it in your pocket. But don’t have any doubts about its reliability, it is still very powerful.
    4. It comes with a flashlight, which is a really bright 100 lumen and can momentarily blind the attacker. The flashlight can also be used for everyday purposes.
    5. Trigger Stun Guns come with other accessories as well which can help in ensuring even more protection.
    a. Wildfire Campus Safety-Pepper Gel - This pepper gel is more effective than a pepper spray, and can be used from a distance of up to 10 feet. It can be used indoors and wind blows can’t really tamper with its path. You get up to 25 bursts which is five times than other market products.
    b. Drink Guard-Drink Test Strips -With these test strips, you will be able to know whether anything has been added to your drink. You’ll get ten test cards, with each card having two tests on each side. These test strips are short and can be easily stored in a purse.
    Isn’t electrifying Trigger stun gun for sale news great? You can always rely on Trigger to give you high quality and extremely effect stun guns.
    Working of A Trigger Stun Gun?
    Trigger Stun Guns, when pointed at the assailant, gives out a strong jolt of electricity. This jolt of electricity isn’t life- threatening but can bring the assailant to his knees, rendering him immobile for some time. This can give the holder enough time to call for help, overpower the assailant or just run away.
    Things to Be Kept in Mind Before Purchasing A Stun Gun
    a. Find out whether stun guns are legal where you live. Yes, it is not fatal and the law implications are negligible but you have to abide by law if it makes stun guns illegal.
    b. Tasers and Stun Guns aren’t the same. They have different effective range. Stun Guns are only close- range devices whereas tasers have a long and close range.
    There is no reason as to why you should remain scared when you have a safe, non-lethal but highly effective weapon in the name of Trigger stun gun. Even better, you don’t really have to buy a stun gun from a registered shop. If your city makes it legal, then you can purchase one online too. The electrifying Trigger stun gun for sale online.
  • Talon Stun Gun For Child Away At College

    Safety has always been a primary concern for many individuals living alone or returning home late. Many students or working people who stay out until late due to various engagements might face unwanted safety threats. Many parents around the world worry about the safety of their children round the clock particularly, when their kids start college far away from home to pursue their higher education. People are well aware of incidents that might risk their child’s safety, the very incidents that have compelled them to take strong and consequential measures. Indeed, it is against this backdrop that many people attend and make their children attend various self- defense classes or workout to gain strength to tackle such adverse situations.
    Learning handy self- defense techniques is a good idea but keeping something that helps you escape tricky situations is always welcome. Talon stun gun for child away at college has become one of the most popular devices that promise safety and reduce the risk of any legal consequences. It is convenient to use and ensures your safety anytime, anywhere. It’s ergonomic design helps you to carry it easily in handbag, purse or pocket. It has proven to be an efficient self-defense device that keeps women and young girls safe from any undesirable situation. Not just women, even young boys and men can also rely on this device for self- defense. Self- defense is every individual’s right and spreading awareness about it is equally important. Choosing the right and effective self- defense tools are of paramount importance when it comes to you and your child’s safety. Choose a competent, dynamic and affordable talon stun gun that will handle any tricky situations and help you freely live your life.
    The Talon Stun Gun No Legal Procedures To Follow
    This device is one of the most conducive self- defense tools available in the markets. Talon stun guns do not involve any legal procedure for procuring it. Lethal weapons like guns require lengthy and stringent legal procedure to follow for the ownership. Not to forget, the legal consequences over the usage of those weapons are serious and strenuous. On the other hand, the ownership of the talon stun gun does not ask for any such legal procedures. You can buy the Talon stun gun for child away at college without fearing that they will get you into some legal issues for its usage. Your child can easily use this device on their attacker without any legal implication, as it is not fatal or lethal to anyone.
    The device sends a non- fatal electric shock that immobilizes the attackers, allowing you time to escape the scene. The best part is that the electric shock emanating from the device does not have long-term side effects. It just stuns the attacker for a few minutes so that your child safely avoids the attack or serious harm. Your child can easily use this device to protect themselves in dangerous situations.
    Even the forensic department will not be able to find an indictment against your child because of the rather relaxed rules and non-lethal impacts of these guns. Self- defense a right to every individual and your child have all the rights to protect her/ him from any danger. However, you would not want them to be stuck with a legal case bothering them for life. A talon stun gun has been designed to help children protect themselves while not harming their attackers fatally. Moreover, even if police find out the attacker lying on the ground once you have escaped your attack scenario, they will never be able to bind you to any legal indictment for the act. Thanks to a Talon stun gun for child away at college, it’s a win-win situation for you and your child.
    How To Buy A Talon Stun Gun
    Unlike lethal weapons used for self-defense, talon stun guns are easily available in the markets. As they do not involve any legal procedure to procure, they are easy to buy. You can visit local stores that sell self-defense tools and devices or you can shop online as per your convenience.
    They are one of the most inexpensive self- defense devices available on the market. The talon stun gun is designed to optimally perform anytime anywhere without fail. This makes the Talon stun gun for child away at college an instant favorite for its consumers across the world.
    How To Use A Talon Stun Gun
    In case of any attack or a situation when you might sense a threat to life, you can effortlessly use this device. You don’t have to be physically strong or agile to operate this device. A talon stun gun is designed for easy and effortless operation. It is developed with the intention to serve people who are in a life-threatening situation where they might have few seconds to gauge the threat and react. Pull out the talon stun gun from your pocket or bag and quickly brace yourself for the danger lingering ahead.
    The talon stun gun comes with an ergonomic design that allows an easy and firm grip on the device. You can easily hold it in your palms while having an easy access to the buttons that activate the device. That means you can keep this device in your palms without losing your grip on it and aim at your attacker. Just hit the button and fire it in the air. The sound and electrical light from the test fire will make your attacker leave the scene. However, if the attacker persists and approaches towards you then you can stick the prongs of the device on any body part of your attacker within your reach. The device is equipped to deliver a non- lethal yet high voltage electric shock that will stun them and drop them to the ground for a few minutes. This will allow you to escape the scene easily. A Talon stun gun for child away at college can help them protect themselves with confidence.
    Circumstances Where It Can Help Your College Child
    The newspapers and news channels are flooded with news related to physical assault and crime against women. Women and young girls have been attacked, kidnapped and physically abused for many reasons ranging from extortion of money to sexual violence. Workplaces, parking lots, hostels, university campus, and various other public places can be potential site of harassment for them.
    Many students travel far to attend their college, or they stay in different cities for their higher education. This leaves their parents worried about their safety. Talon stun gun for child away at college allows your child to pursue their dreams without the hint of fear.
    Being a parent, you can peacefully sleep at night because you know Talon stun gun is with your kid to protect them. Students coming home at late hours from seminars or extra- class as well as those coming from student group meetings, poetry/ mathematics/ physics club or any other places will not have to cancel their events due to odd late hours. Your child will have to miss his/ her summer internship in an office that demands them to stay in the office late. Not just studies and work, they can freely live their lives and go clubbing and parties with their friends without worrying about any undesirable circumstances.
    Not just outside the homes, your student can keep this Talon stun gun for child away at college for safety at their homes as well. A threat to life or safety is unpredictable and it might come anywhere and anytime. Think of burglars or potential physical assaults in your home at night. Keeping a talon stun gun by your side, you can put diverse threat situations at bay. You can efficiently cope with uncertain and dangerous situations with a quick squeeze of your palm on the device.
    The mere thought that you are safe from any unwanted situation or that you are empowered to deal with them is enough to boost your child’s confidence. If they know how to deal with a sticky situation without relying on others, it helps them tackle various obstacle life throws at them. A simple talon stun gun can empower them to take late night jobs or just stroll in a nearby park at night freely. The sense of freedom is what Talon stun gun for child away at college can bring in for your child and you as well.
    Talon Stun Gun And Its Features
    A Talon Stun Gun is developed to help people in life-threatening circumstances. Situations like this call for immediate response and a talon stun gun is designed to help you in a blink of an eye. The device is studded with various lucrative and effective features that helps get you prepared to fight back in a flick. The device comes in a handy and ergonomic design that helps the device to fit on your palm easily. It also features a rubberized coating that provides you with a tight and firm grip on the device. Even if your palms sweat and become greasy, the grip on the device will never falter.
    The gun is equipped with a 120 Lumens LED flashlight that can blind your attacker for a few seconds and enable you to look around with clarity to access your predicament. It is equipped with a siren alert that can potentially defuse any dangerous situation at its earliest. It can help you alert others nearby about your danger as well as alarm the attacker to step back or think twice before he/ she even tries to get any closer to you. The button for the flashlight is easily accessible to your thumb when you hold the device. It is easy to operate and it is very efficient.
    The most essential and effective feature of the Talon stun gun for child away at college is the “stunning” capability. The device features an 18 million volt of electric power that is enough to make your attacker get down to the ground in a moment. The electric power will pull them down for up to 10 minutes buying you enough time to escape the spot. The button to activate the electric shock is placed strategically where your palm rests on the device. A single squeeze on the button will send a shiver of a lifetime through your attacker. However, the shock is not lethal. Thus, you do not have to bear guilt in your conscience that a life is at risk because of you.
    The gun comes with a nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery that can be easily charged with charging cord included in the package. The batteries are equipped to activate the stun gun and flashlight powerfully. Keep the batteries fully recharged for optimum results. The device is accompanied with Nylon-Belt Loop-Holster that helps you keep it in good condition all the time. You can attach the device through this holster to your bag or belt on your waist for better access at emergencies. This device is available in two colors- black and pink. Choose the one that suits your style.
    A Perfect Self-Defense Companion For All
    Not only for a student, a talon stun gun is developed to ensure the safety of people across the society. Women from all walks of life can easily carry this efficient device in their bags whenever, and wherever they go. Why just think about women and girls alone? Men and young boys can also carry a talon stun gun if they suspect any threat to their lives or loved ones. An argument with a rough client or a slight altercation at the bar might lead you to a sticky situation. People who have been suspicious about a potential life threat might like to own a talon stun gun.
    People working at odds hours like journalists, bartenders, doctors, technicians, and people from various other professional arenas are often subject to unsafe environment and situations. Some people witness unpleasant situations when they are followed by strangers or potential abusers making snide comments. In scenarios like these, you need to be prepared to fight back and get away without harming yourself. A Talon stun gun for child away at college is not just for college students but for everyone who values their safety and wants to psych up for any adverse situation; be it man, woman, girl or a boy.
    Breathe in the freshness of freedom: The freedom to lead your life your way without the jitters of being subjected to any violence or physical assault. Get ready to live a life where you or your child can come late at night safe and sound. Get ready to sleep peacefully at nights because your children living far away are safe and happy. Bring home a Talon stun gun for child away at college and experience freedom, safety and peace of mind.
  • Non Lethal Self Defense Weapons For Women

    The concerns over murder, terrorist attacks, suicides, and accidental fatalities when it comes to gun control and gun ownership have become more predominant than in the past. Scores of gun injuries are fatal, because when anyone decides to pull a trigger for any reason, the results tend to be permanent. Knives can be just as terrible.
    Countless citizens prefer not to own something as lethal as a gun, but what recourse is there? You may be worried about your personal safety and the safety of those you love. What will happen if you have a daughter attending college who occasionally finds herself alone in a parking lot when a class ends in the evening? What will happen if your wife stays late at the office and leaves work when it is pitch black outside? What about your son who works nights at a local convenience store?
    Should everyone carry a gun on their person, or are there non lethal self defense weapons for women, men, and young adults that are effective, legal, and easy to use? The answer is yes, and fortunately, there are several from which to choose.
    Pepper Spray: Pepper spray is a surprisingly effective weapon, even more so than Mace. Pepper spray’s active ingredient is Oleoresin Capsicum. This is a painful derivative of cayenne peppers. It is not a chemical, nor is it flammable. However, it will immediately incapacitate an attacker for at least fifteen very excruciating minutes.
    Pepper spray is considered an inflammatory agent. It will cause pain in the form of intense burning, temporary blindness, and nausea. It makes breathing difficult, but not impossible. Notably, it will stop an attacker who might be on alcohol or drugs. This is particularly important, because drugs like PCP can cause users to be extremely violent. They will also become incapable of feeling pain in some cases. As a result, MACE is unlikely to be as effective against drug addicts. On the other hand, pepper spray will work and debilitate anyone, even if they are high on powerful hallucinatory drugs.
    Pepper spray requires only a one 1-second shot to disable an assailant. It is that potent and will immediately cause coughing and choking, the temporary loss of eyesight, and intense burning in the eyes and on the skin. Most cans of pepper spray can be found in local drugstores for under $20. Some have as much as 30 uses to them. There are certain states that outlaw the use of pepper spray, so check to ensure this is not the case in your state before buy the spray.
    Security Stun Baton and Stun Guns: Stun guns are popular non lethal self defense weapons for women as well. They provide a powerful deterrent against would-be criminals and thieves. If necessary, they will debilitate a person with a relatively strong electric shock. They come in many different forms, including batons, belts, guns, and other prods. When purchasing any kind of stunner, note that it is not the voltage that is important. The measure of the shock intensity is in the amount of current, measured as amperes. An amount over 10 milliamps(mA) will definitely cause a severe shock. Anything approaching 100 mA will cause death if the person is not treated immediately. Stunners are almost as inexpensive as pepper spray, and depending upon the compartment itself, they can cost as low as $25 or as high as $80.
    A Weapon that Blinds: A woman might not feel comfortable relying on a flashlight for self-defense, but there are some on the market that are so powerful, they will cause temporary blindness for anyone not wearing eye protection. The measure of brightness is lumens, and a light with500+ lumens will affectively to stop someone in their tracks. There are tactical flashlights that have far higher outputs of lumens, but then it becomes a question of size and function.
    Consider choosing a flashlight that has a strobe as well. The settings give you a two-step approach to stopping your aggressor. First, the bright light will blind; the strobe light will further disorient the individual. You will find a variety of strengths and portability. The flashlights can cost as little as $12 or as high as $300. The latter are appropriate for military use as they come with as much output as 18,000 lumens.
    America’s Favorite Pastime: Never underestimate the power of a strike. Most people have taken a swing at a baseball sometime during their lives. A Louisville Slugger is more than just a baseball bat. It can be a practical and effective weapon by which to protect yourself. Admittedly, it requires being closer to the aggressor than one would like, and the weapon has to be swiftly available and within your reach, but the wooden bat is guaranteed to take someone down if they are hit on the back of the head, on their spine, or the front or back of the knees.
    In reality, any type of stick will work, including golf clubs, fireplace irons, and the like. One of the nicest benefits of using a bat is that it is not usually a target for a thief. Criminals will take your guns if they are able. Rarely will anyone think about taking the baseball bat that is leaning against your bedroom door as a preventative measure.
    Bean Bag Guns: A bean bag gun may not be the first weapon you think of when it comes to self-defense, but these launchers are quite potent and will put anyone down quickly. Because they are guns and have the same appearance as the lethal versions, there is an intimidation factor that may preclude using the bean bag gun at all. At any rate, they will teach a painful, but un lethal, lesson.
    The bags come in the form of little pillows wrapped in cloth. They are filled with a small amount of lead shot and can be fired from a 12-gauge shotgun, if you happen to own one. As the bags are released, they spread out to create a larger impact area, thereby knocking the wind out of a person but without causing any permanent damage or death. The guns are easy to use and are legal in all 50 states.
    In fact, many police departments are using these guns instead of “real” firearms in order to prevent police shootings that result in deaths. Because of their simplicity of use, their extreme power, and the intimidation factor, many people believe that bean bag guns are one of the best non lethal defense weapons for women, even above baseball bats and pepper spray. The price of bean bag guns will vary between $16 to several hundred.
    Campus Safety-Package Self-Defense Kits: Companies are now making products specifically designed for women’s self-defense. The styles are meant to be fashionable yet invisible. This happens because the items look like the things used by women every day. Most specialty kits will include a stun baton or a flashlight stunner. They have kubotan key rings to inflict small, but multiple, stab wounds and pepper spray in canisters resembling lipstick tubes. The drawbacks are that most of these “accessory” weapons must be used at lesser distances.
    For example, the typical lipstick pepper spray will contain half an ounce, which is enough to stop an assailant, but it will only spray up to 6 feet. A few bad things can happen in instances where distance is a factor. An alert offender can take the weapon away from the victim before it is actually used. He could rush the individual before the spray is released. Alternatively, the close proximity might result in the pepper spray contaminating the victim’s eyes as well.
    There is another item included in these kits that might be the best preventative measure yet. The packages contain small test strips that are carried in a container the size of a matchbook. The strips allow people to test their beverages for the presence of date rape drugs, like Ketamine and GHB, before taking a drink. There are twenty cards inside one pack, and they only require a drop of the drink to ascertain any risks. Using the test strips can make the difference between finding oneself in a dangerous situation and having a safe night out at a club or bar.
    Tasers - Conducted Electrical-Weapons (CEW): Tasers are often used on television shows. An assailant confronts a police officer or citizen. The officer incapacitates the person by shooting two probes on to the attacker’s body. The probes remain connected to the Taser as the electricity travels through the two conductors (the wires). The weapon will stop the aggressor by causing involuntary muscle contractions and the inability to move.
    Use of the weapon does not cause any residual effects. In truth, when electricity is no longer entering the attacker’s body, the individual will regain control of their body immediately. Given that Tasers are one of the better non lethal self defense weapons for women, it was surprising to discover that many cities and states prohibit their use or ownership. These include New York, New Jersey, and several others.
    Guard Dogs: If you enjoy the company of dogs, consider adopting one to provide protection for yourself and/or to have as a readily available weapon. According to the FBI, the most common threat we will ever face is a home break-in. One burglary happens every 13 seconds in the United States. They usually happen during the day when people are at work or school and houses are empty, and they tend to happen more frequently in July and August.
    Dogs as a whole are effective deterrents, regardless of their breed, because dogs can be noisy. The sound and sight of a large dog will definitely make a criminal think twice about approaching your house. Imagine the shock of coming face-to-face with an Akita or Rottweiler.
    There are different types of dogs, though, that are tapped and formally trained to do specific work. Some dogs sniff out drugs. Others will identify the presence of explosives and firearms. Then, there are dogs who are trained to protect places or individuals. When it comes to protection, the first dogs that might come to mind are those that are military trained or the ones that work as security, or guard dogs. There are differences.
    Guard dogs are trained to sound an alert first. It is a warning and the initial line of defense. If the threat continues to exist or makes an aggressive move, the dog will take a threatening stance and use a display of force. If that does not work, the dogs are trained to engage.
    They will attack and bite. These dogs are extremely loyal and protective, and owners are unlikely to let you pet them. It is not that the dogs will bite your hand but because they become distracted. They are on duty, after all. The other kinds of dogs involved in personal protection are actually called alarm dogs, or watchdogs. Watchdogs sound the alarm to warn their owner of a possible threat. They will bark a lot, but they will not engage. Again, if you enjoy their company, large or small, dogs are probably the best non lethal self defense weapons for women and families.
    Personal Alarms: People have grown used to the sound of car alarms going off, so they are largely ignored. A personal alarm is much louder than the typical ones we expect to hear, they are guaranteed to get people’s attention, and they will scare your assailant enough to make him run away. The alarm comes in the form of a keychain and uses batteries. If the batteries go dead, there is a whistle feature that provides backup in the event of an emergency.
    It is activated by the push of a button, and the off position is concealed to keep the aggressor from deactivating the system. There are numerous makers of these personal alarms, and they are legal to carry in all 50 states. Moreover, the expense is minimal. The alarms start at $10 and rarely go over $30.
    In addition to the weapons listed here, there are also passive ways to protect yourself and your loved ones. Home alarms and parking under bright lights are two ideas, but when you need to defend yourself, you want something that is quick and easy to use. You need something that will work, without resulting in a person’s death. Try any one of these products and ideas, and you will see that it is possible to feel safe without having to carry a firearm, knife, or any other deadly means of protection.
  • What Are Less Than Lethal Weapons?

    Violence seems to be on the rise across the country. Every day there are news reports of school and workplace shootings, robberies, sexual assaults, and drug related attacks. Many people are left feeling insecure and helpless as the world seems to fall apart around them.
    With violent crime on the rise, it is more important than ever to have effective self defense strategies available. The need for effective self-defense may lead individuals to ask what are less than lethal weapons, and how can they be used for personal protection? Learn more about the options available, so you can make a choice that best suits your needs.
    First and foremost, let’s define what less than lethal weapons are. Less than lethal weapons have been used for many years in police and military circles. Tear gas, rubber bullets, and batons are all examples of less than lethal weapons used by police, security, and military organizations. They are weapons that are designed to wound or injure, but not kill. Less than lethal weapons can be an effective solution in the fight against violent crime. They can help defuse violent situations and allow the suspect to be apprehended.
    While police and military organizations may be the first group of users that comes to mind, private citizens may also find less than lethal weapons as a potential solution. Many of them can be used with little or no training, making them easy to implement as a deterrent against violence.
    Who Are These Weapons Appropriate For?
    Less than lethal weapons can be used by a wide segment of the civilian population. With a wide variety of consumer choices on the market, it is easier than ever to find an effective solution.
    As previously stated, many of these weapons require little or no training, making them a smart choice for individuals from various walks of life. A few examples of the types of people who could benefit from less than lethal weapons are listed below.
    • Students who are required to travel across campus at night.
    • Night shift workers who may be arriving at or departing from their job in the dark.
    • Elderly individuals who seek an additional level of home security.
    • Anyone who may be required to travel through neighborhoods with a higher rate of violent crime.
    • Individuals who rely on public transportation or who travel great distances on a regular basis.
    • Workers required to park in a parking garage or other poorly lit area with low visibility.
    • Socially vulnerable populations who may have a greater risk of being attacked.
    • Anyone seeking additional security in their day to day activities.
    As you can see, less than lethal weapons can be an effective tool for a wide segment of the population. They can be used for self defense in a wide variety of circumstances.
    Why They Are A Smart Choice
    In addressing the question what are less than lethal weapons, it was noted that they could be used to defuse a violent situation. In many cases, lethal weapons may actually escalate a violent situation, particularly if they are wielded by untrained individuals.
    Less than lethal weapons can be used to incapacitate a perpetrator, allowing an innocent victim a chance to escape. They can also be used to subdue a suspect until law enforcement arrives on the scene. They are simple to use, and do not result in the same type of survivor guilt that can be prevalent in users of conventional lethal weapons.
    How These Weapons Work
    Less than lethal weapons are typically used to incapacitate a perpetrator. There are different styles of less than lethal weapons, but at their core all of them are designed to stop a perpetrator by inflicting pain. The difference however, lies in the fact that they are only designed to injure or wound, not to kill.
    This is not meant to imply that these weapons cannot still be deadly in some situations. If enough force is applied, nearly any type of weapon can be lethal. That is why they are referred to as less than lethal as opposed to non-lethal. It is still possible to kill using a less than lethal weapon. However, it is significantly less likely that the perpetrator will be killed with a less than lethal weapon as opposed to a conventional weapon. Learning more about what are less than lethal weapons will help users understand the difference between the two.
    Using Them As A Deterrent
    Due to their ability to inflict high levels of pain, less than lethal weapons can also be used as a deterrent against violent crime. No one likes to experience pain, and that includes criminals. Simply brandishing a less than lethal weapon may act as a deterrent against an attack. In many cases, the weapon doesn’t even need to be used. The threat alone is enough to discourage the perpetrator from continuing to pursue the victim.
    In order for this strategy to work, the person wielding the weapon must be able to handle it in a confident and educated manner. They should know how it works and show that they will follow through in using it if necessary.
    So, what are less than lethal weapons that could be employed by law abiding citizens? There are many different types to choose from. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks that should be considered before making a purchase. Learn more about the various types of less than lethal weapons available for personal defense.
    Sprays - Many people are familiar with the brand Mace. In some circles, it has become synonymous with the category of pepper spray. Pepper spray is easily accessible, and relatively inexpensive. It comes in containers that are small enough to be easily tucked into a pocket or handbag. It is also relatively simple to use. While it is still wise to test a canister to make sure you have the nozzle directed properly, it does not require any special training.
    Pepper spray comes in an aerosol or pump style container, or even a gun. It is made from a derivative of the cayenne pepper, which burns when it comes into contact with the skin or mucous membranes. When sprayed in the face of an attacker it burns their eyes, nose and mouth. Some models also use UV dye to mark the perpetrator’s clothing. This feature is useful in helping identify the attacker if they try to flee. While complications are rare, it is possible that pepper spray can aggravate the airways and lead to asphyxiation.
    Telescoping Batons - Telescoping batons, sometimes referred to as night sticks, are another option for personal protection. They retract down to a small size, so they are portable and convenient. They can be used to put additional distance between you and your attacker. A simple flick of the wrist can expand the baton, so it can be pulled out and used at a moment’s notice.
    Telescoping batons are available at a variety of price points, from $10 to hundreds of dollars. They are most frequently sold online but can be purchased through some local stores. Batons may be constructed from either metal or plastic. While it is helpful to practice with the baton from time to time, no special training is required.
    Electroshock Weapons - The most commonly known electroshock weapon is the Taser. It fires two barbed probes at the target. The probes are connected to the device by thin wires, which carry an electromagnetic shock. It leads to neuromuscular incapacitation, literally locking up the attacker’s muscles so they can’t move.
    One of the unique benefits of the Taser brand is their Self Escape Program. If you ever need to use your device, they advise you to leave it behind and escape. They will replace the device free of charge.
    Stun guns are another familiar type of electroshock weapon. Unlike Tasers, they do not cause neuromuscular incapacitation. Stun guns incapacitate perpetrators by causing high levels of pain from electric shock.
    While electroshock weapons are considered less than lethal, they are not risk free. One of the greatest dangers associated with any electroshock weapon is the risk of death from cardiac arrest. Whenever possible, it is recommended that electroshock weapons should not be aimed at an attacker’s chest, but rather at other parts of the body.
    Anyone interested in using an electroshock weapon for self-defense should commit to training with the weapon on a regular basis. This is to ensure the best-case scenario for everyone involved. Users should practice their aim and firing skills, so it becomes second nature. This is especially important as nerves are typically high during an attack, so wielding the weapon needs to be a well-ingrained habit. Users should be able to handle the weapon instinctively.
    Electroshock weapons are typically more expensive than other less than lethal weapons. Tasers and stun guns typically start at several hundred dollars each, with some models costing over $1,000.
    Guns with Less Than Lethal Ammunition
    Guns using non-traditional ammunition are another option for self-defense. There are a wide array of models of guns as well as types of ammunition to choose from on the personal defense market. Less than lethal guns are typically designed to fire at a lower velocity than traditional firearms. They rely on the use of blunt force trauma to incapacitate an attacker. While most forms of non-traditional ammunition are not lethal, they can be if shot at a close range or in particularly vulnerable areas of the body. They are also capable of permanently maiming the assailant and should be used with caution.
    Guns always require training, even if they use non-traditional ammunition. Concealed carry laws apply to guns with non-traditional ammunition as well. Likewise, there are courses that must be taken to learn how to properly handle the weapon. Users will also need to practice firing the weapon, as well as learning how to safely handle it. Special precaution should be taken when loading and unloading the ammunition and cleaning the weapon, just as it is with traditional firearms.
    Weapons using non-traditional ammunition can range in price from several hundred to several thousand dollars, making them one of the more expensive choices in less than lethal self-protection. The mandatory training and registration fees also add to the cost of ownership.
    There are many less than lethal ammunition choices available on the market. Rubber bullets, beanbag rounds, wax bullets, soft polymer rounds, and ring airfoil projectiles are just a few of the options to choose from. All the above options are effective at disabling an assailant. Because they can be fired from a distance, they are an effective solution at stopping an attacker without the need for close proximity.
    Since many different types of less than lethal weapons are available on the market, it may be confusing for consumers to decide which ones will best suit their needs. There are several points to consider when choosing which weapon to purchase for self-defense.
    • How much training is needed to be able to effectively wield the weapon? Some weapons require users to be trained and others do not. Consider whether you want to expend the time and effort necessary to complete the training.
    • Where will the weapon be used? Will it be kept in a single location, or does it need to be portable? If it needs to be portable, is it small enough and light enough to make transportation appropriate? Can it be easily concealed?
    • Does it require ammunition? If you don’t want to deal with purchasing and loading ammunition you may want to choose an alternative weapon.
    • What is the cost? Some less than lethal weapons are inexpensive, while others are quite pricey.
    Less-than-lethal Weapons Are a Smart Choice in Personal Security
    Violent crime is on the rise, and many law abiding citizens are concerned about safety. They desire effective solutions to help protect themselves as well as their loved ones. Less than lethal weapons are a smart solution in personal defense. By learning what are less than lethal weapons, civilians are empowered to make choices that help provide an additional level of personal security.
    They can be used as both a deterrent and a self-defense system. There are many different styles and models of less than lethal weapons to choose from at varying price points. Some require training, while others are simple enough to be used right out of the package. Choose the less than lethal weapon that is right for you and take back your personal safety and security.
  • Buy Cheap New Stun Guns Here

    Tips to ensure your daughter working at night is safe.
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    To help the fathers take care of their daughters in the best ways possible this is how to do it. The love of the father to their daughters sometime is too much that they desire to accompany them wherever they go just to ensure they are safe. This great love that yield security to the daughter may not be possible always if the daughter is engaged in some work elsewhere. This can easily lead to much worries to the father especially when the daughter is engaged in working late in the night and has to come home very late. The risk of fear is too much and it’s high time you ensure your daughter has a self-defending mechanism in her hand bag.
    If the way home after work is dangerous for your daughter, consider getting her a new stun guns. Other ways and means of self-defense that have been employed in the past haven’t proved to be very perfect. With stun guns much protection is expected as compared to weapons like knives that must work on close rage and can easily cause death.
    Many different outlets now deals in stun guns and do not be surprised to see the writing “buy cheap new stun guns here”. These are some of the best moments to take advantage and get your daughter a gift that will no longer make you worried. The stun gun will automatically save you the cost of fear since you will be assure of the safety of your daughter whenever she is out late. Stun guns are accepted across many countries and don’t need to be licensed to have them with you.

  • Who Sells Stun Guns Online?

    Stun guns are growing in popularity as means for self-defense. Often chosen in place of pepper spray, knives, or guns, they offer a chance to seriously incapacitate an attacker without the long-term effects that may make purchasers wary of knives or guns. This relatively new technology can be confusing.

    Stun guns are often confused with a "TASER" device, but in fact, the names cannot be used interchangeably. The TASER fires a pair of barbed projectiles which use a wire to give the attacker a 50,000-volt shock. They can be used at a distance of up to 15 feet. In contrast, a stun gun must be pressed against the assailant's skin to work.

    A stun gun uses an electrical current to disrupt the natural electrical currents in the attacker's body, rendering them unable to come after you. The effects will last at least ten minutes. Today, stun guns are specifically designed not to cause permanent damage. Although they are very effective at incapacitating your assailant in the short-term, you will not have to worry about the long-term repercussions of shooting or otherwise wounding an attacker. Though there are a few cases of people dying after being shocked by a stun gun, these deaths have been attributed to an underlying health problem which made the shock more harmful for them than for other people.

    A stun gun may range up to 1 million volts. Most people think that this is extremely dangerous. After all, home outlets are usually 120 volts. The amps are what makes electricity dangerous; most home outlets are between 15 and 20 amps, while stun guns usually only use between 1 and three milliamps. Usually, anything from 60 milliamps or higher is considered fatal, meaning that regular stun guns, at 1-3 milliamps, are quite safe to use. The high voltage will quickly immobilize the attacker, while the low amperage will cause no serious injuries. There are many different voltages of stun gun available; generally, the higher voltage units will immobilize an attacker faster.

    Stun guns typically have a very long lifespan. They can be used more than once before the battery needs to be replaced or recharged. Battery life is not a big issue with stun guns because they are not meant to be frequently used. Most models use a simple household 9-volt battery to produce the required electric charge.

    A lot of people may be asking, who sells stun guns online? Numerous online stores sell stun guns at fair prices such the amazon.com.

    Before purchasing a stun gun, be sure to check the laws in your location. Purchasing, carrying, or using them may be governed by your state or local laws.

  • Buy New Stun Guns Near Me

    Stun guns have been around since the 1930s when they were utilized as dairy cattle push. They were huge, appalling, and contrasted with the present items not capable, but rather they took care of business. They have been utilized for a considerable length of time as a major aspect of the law authorization 'continuum of power'.

    When you see a cop look on his tool belt to see the size stun gadget he conveys. It will most likely be entirely enormous. These days a major one is about the extent of a PDA make buy new stun guns near me.

    Stun instruments have at least two contacts on one side that lead power between them. That electrical charge when connected for 3-5 seconds makes the body exhaust spending all blood sugars required for vitality. The aggressor can do only twist up in a ball.

    In the previous four years that I have been a merchant for self-protection devices, they have become littler, all the more intense and less expensive relatively few enterprises can make that claim.

    Presently there is a new gathering of shoddy, little, capable stun guns just accessible on the web. They are for the most part rechargeable and under $40.00 which makes them shabby stun guns buy new stun guns near me.

    They are:

    The lipstick stunner with a spotlight. It is the littlest one we convey at 3 inches tall and 3/4 inch in breadth and has a work in an electric lamp and an impair stick. So. The stun firearm couldn't be utilized against you. It is 950,000 V and looks precisely like a container of lipstick.

    The pen stunner with an electric lamp at 6.5 inches tall and 1 inch in distance across is pressed with 1.2 million volts and has a capable LED spotlight as well. The wellbeing top and switch forestalls unplanned release.

    The spotlight stun gadget is 3.5 million volts and measures 5 1/8 creeps by 1 3/8 crawls by 1/8 creeps about the extent of an electric razor-ideal for littler hands.

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