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  • Non Lethal Self Defense Weapons For Women

    The concerns over murder, terrorist attacks, suicides, and accidental fatalities when it comes to gun control and gun ownership have become more predominant than in the past. Scores of gun injuries are fatal, because when anyone decides to pull a trigger for any reason, the results tend to be permanent. Knives can be just as terrible.
    Countless citizens prefer not to own something as lethal as a gun, but what recourse is there? You may be worried about your personal safety and the safety of those you love. What will happen if you have a daughter attending college who occasionally finds herself alone in a parking lot when a class ends in the evening? What will happen if your wife stays late at the office and leaves work when it is pitch black outside? What about your son who works nights at a local convenience store?
    Should everyone carry a gun on their person, or are there non lethal self defense weapons for women, men, and young adults that are effective, legal, and easy to use? The answer is yes, and fortunately, there are several from which to choose.
    Pepper Spray: Pepper spray is a surprisingly effective weapon, even more so than Mace. Pepper spray’s active ingredient is Oleoresin Capsicum. This is a painful derivative of cayenne peppers. It is not a chemical, nor is it flammable. However, it will immediately incapacitate an attacker for at least fifteen very excruciating minutes.
    Pepper spray is considered an inflammatory agent. It will cause pain in the form of intense burning, temporary blindness, and nausea. It makes breathing difficult, but not impossible. Notably, it will stop an attacker who might be on alcohol or drugs. This is particularly important, because drugs like PCP can cause users to be extremely violent. They will also become incapable of feeling pain in some cases. As a result, MACE is unlikely to be as effective against drug addicts. On the other hand, pepper spray will work and debilitate anyone, even if they are high on powerful hallucinatory drugs.
    Pepper spray requires only a one 1-second shot to disable an assailant. It is that potent and will immediately cause coughing and choking, the temporary loss of eyesight, and intense burning in the eyes and on the skin. Most cans of pepper spray can be found in local drugstores for under $20. Some have as much as 30 uses to them. There are certain states that outlaw the use of pepper spray, so check to ensure this is not the case in your state before buy the spray.
    Security Stun Baton and Stun Guns: Stun guns are popular non lethal self defense weapons for women as well. They provide a powerful deterrent against would-be criminals and thieves. If necessary, they will debilitate a person with a relatively strong electric shock. They come in many different forms, including batons, belts, guns, and other prods. When purchasing any kind of stunner, note that it is not the voltage that is important. The measure of the shock intensity is in the amount of current, measured as amperes. An amount over 10 milliamps(mA) will definitely cause a severe shock. Anything approaching 100 mA will cause death if the person is not treated immediately. Stunners are almost as inexpensive as pepper spray, and depending upon the compartment itself, they can cost as low as $25 or as high as $80.
    A Weapon that Blinds: A woman might not feel comfortable relying on a flashlight for self-defense, but there are some on the market that are so powerful, they will cause temporary blindness for anyone not wearing eye protection. The measure of brightness is lumens, and a light with500+ lumens will affectively to stop someone in their tracks. There are tactical flashlights that have far higher outputs of lumens, but then it becomes a question of size and function.
    Consider choosing a flashlight that has a strobe as well. The settings give you a two-step approach to stopping your aggressor. First, the bright light will blind; the strobe light will further disorient the individual. You will find a variety of strengths and portability. The flashlights can cost as little as $12 or as high as $300. The latter are appropriate for military use as they come with as much output as 18,000 lumens.
    America’s Favorite Pastime: Never underestimate the power of a strike. Most people have taken a swing at a baseball sometime during their lives. A Louisville Slugger is more than just a baseball bat. It can be a practical and effective weapon by which to protect yourself. Admittedly, it requires being closer to the aggressor than one would like, and the weapon has to be swiftly available and within your reach, but the wooden bat is guaranteed to take someone down if they are hit on the back of the head, on their spine, or the front or back of the knees.
    In reality, any type of stick will work, including golf clubs, fireplace irons, and the like. One of the nicest benefits of using a bat is that it is not usually a target for a thief. Criminals will take your guns if they are able. Rarely will anyone think about taking the baseball bat that is leaning against your bedroom door as a preventative measure.
    Bean Bag Guns: A bean bag gun may not be the first weapon you think of when it comes to self-defense, but these launchers are quite potent and will put anyone down quickly. Because they are guns and have the same appearance as the lethal versions, there is an intimidation factor that may preclude using the bean bag gun at all. At any rate, they will teach a painful, but un lethal, lesson.
    The bags come in the form of little pillows wrapped in cloth. They are filled with a small amount of lead shot and can be fired from a 12-gauge shotgun, if you happen to own one. As the bags are released, they spread out to create a larger impact area, thereby knocking the wind out of a person but without causing any permanent damage or death. The guns are easy to use and are legal in all 50 states.
    In fact, many police departments are using these guns instead of “real” firearms in order to prevent police shootings that result in deaths. Because of their simplicity of use, their extreme power, and the intimidation factor, many people believe that bean bag guns are one of the best non lethal defense weapons for women, even above baseball bats and pepper spray. The price of bean bag guns will vary between $16 to several hundred.
    Campus Safety-Package Self-Defense Kits: Companies are now making products specifically designed for women’s self-defense. The styles are meant to be fashionable yet invisible. This happens because the items look like the things used by women every day. Most specialty kits will include a stun baton or a flashlight stunner. They have kubotan key rings to inflict small, but multiple, stab wounds and pepper spray in canisters resembling lipstick tubes. The drawbacks are that most of these “accessory” weapons must be used at lesser distances.
    For example, the typical lipstick pepper spray will contain half an ounce, which is enough to stop an assailant, but it will only spray up to 6 feet. A few bad things can happen in instances where distance is a factor. An alert offender can take the weapon away from the victim before it is actually used. He could rush the individual before the spray is released. Alternatively, the close proximity might result in the pepper spray contaminating the victim’s eyes as well.
    There is another item included in these kits that might be the best preventative measure yet. The packages contain small test strips that are carried in a container the size of a matchbook. The strips allow people to test their beverages for the presence of date rape drugs, like Ketamine and GHB, before taking a drink. There are twenty cards inside one pack, and they only require a drop of the drink to ascertain any risks. Using the test strips can make the difference between finding oneself in a dangerous situation and having a safe night out at a club or bar.
    Tasers - Conducted Electrical-Weapons (CEW): Tasers are often used on television shows. An assailant confronts a police officer or citizen. The officer incapacitates the person by shooting two probes on to the attacker’s body. The probes remain connected to the Taser as the electricity travels through the two conductors (the wires). The weapon will stop the aggressor by causing involuntary muscle contractions and the inability to move.
    Use of the weapon does not cause any residual effects. In truth, when electricity is no longer entering the attacker’s body, the individual will regain control of their body immediately. Given that Tasers are one of the better non lethal self defense weapons for women, it was surprising to discover that many cities and states prohibit their use or ownership. These include New York, New Jersey, and several others.
    Guard Dogs: If you enjoy the company of dogs, consider adopting one to provide protection for yourself and/or to have as a readily available weapon. According to the FBI, the most common threat we will ever face is a home break-in. One burglary happens every 13 seconds in the United States. They usually happen during the day when people are at work or school and houses are empty, and they tend to happen more frequently in July and August.
    Dogs as a whole are effective deterrents, regardless of their breed, because dogs can be noisy. The sound and sight of a large dog will definitely make a criminal think twice about approaching your house. Imagine the shock of coming face-to-face with an Akita or Rottweiler.
    There are different types of dogs, though, that are tapped and formally trained to do specific work. Some dogs sniff out drugs. Others will identify the presence of explosives and firearms. Then, there are dogs who are trained to protect places or individuals. When it comes to protection, the first dogs that might come to mind are those that are military trained or the ones that work as security, or guard dogs. There are differences.
    Guard dogs are trained to sound an alert first. It is a warning and the initial line of defense. If the threat continues to exist or makes an aggressive move, the dog will take a threatening stance and use a display of force. If that does not work, the dogs are trained to engage.
    They will attack and bite. These dogs are extremely loyal and protective, and owners are unlikely to let you pet them. It is not that the dogs will bite your hand but because they become distracted. They are on duty, after all. The other kinds of dogs involved in personal protection are actually called alarm dogs, or watchdogs. Watchdogs sound the alarm to warn their owner of a possible threat. They will bark a lot, but they will not engage. Again, if you enjoy their company, large or small, dogs are probably the best non lethal self defense weapons for women and families.
    Personal Alarms: People have grown used to the sound of car alarms going off, so they are largely ignored. A personal alarm is much louder than the typical ones we expect to hear, they are guaranteed to get people’s attention, and they will scare your assailant enough to make him run away. The alarm comes in the form of a keychain and uses batteries. If the batteries go dead, there is a whistle feature that provides backup in the event of an emergency.
    It is activated by the push of a button, and the off position is concealed to keep the aggressor from deactivating the system. There are numerous makers of these personal alarms, and they are legal to carry in all 50 states. Moreover, the expense is minimal. The alarms start at $10 and rarely go over $30.
    In addition to the weapons listed here, there are also passive ways to protect yourself and your loved ones. Home alarms and parking under bright lights are two ideas, but when you need to defend yourself, you want something that is quick and easy to use. You need something that will work, without resulting in a person’s death. Try any one of these products and ideas, and you will see that it is possible to feel safe without having to carry a firearm, knife, or any other deadly means of protection.
  • What Are Less Than Lethal Weapons?

    Violence seems to be on the rise across the country. Every day there are news reports of school and workplace shootings, robberies, sexual assaults, and drug related attacks. Many people are left feeling insecure and helpless as the world seems to fall apart around them.
    With violent crime on the rise, it is more important than ever to have effective self defense strategies available. The need for effective self-defense may lead individuals to ask what are less than lethal weapons, and how can they be used for personal protection? Learn more about the options available, so you can make a choice that best suits your needs.
    First and foremost, let’s define what less than lethal weapons are. Less than lethal weapons have been used for many years in police and military circles. Tear gas, rubber bullets, and batons are all examples of less than lethal weapons used by police, security, and military organizations. They are weapons that are designed to wound or injure, but not kill. Less than lethal weapons can be an effective solution in the fight against violent crime. They can help defuse violent situations and allow the suspect to be apprehended.
    While police and military organizations may be the first group of users that comes to mind, private citizens may also find less than lethal weapons as a potential solution. Many of them can be used with little or no training, making them easy to implement as a deterrent against violence.
    Who Are These Weapons Appropriate For?
    Less than lethal weapons can be used by a wide segment of the civilian population. With a wide variety of consumer choices on the market, it is easier than ever to find an effective solution.
    As previously stated, many of these weapons require little or no training, making them a smart choice for individuals from various walks of life. A few examples of the types of people who could benefit from less than lethal weapons are listed below.
    • Students who are required to travel across campus at night.
    • Night shift workers who may be arriving at or departing from their job in the dark.
    • Elderly individuals who seek an additional level of home security.
    • Anyone who may be required to travel through neighborhoods with a higher rate of violent crime.
    • Individuals who rely on public transportation or who travel great distances on a regular basis.
    • Workers required to park in a parking garage or other poorly lit area with low visibility.
    • Socially vulnerable populations who may have a greater risk of being attacked.
    • Anyone seeking additional security in their day to day activities.
    As you can see, less than lethal weapons can be an effective tool for a wide segment of the population. They can be used for self defense in a wide variety of circumstances.
    Why They Are A Smart Choice
    In addressing the question what are less than lethal weapons, it was noted that they could be used to defuse a violent situation. In many cases, lethal weapons may actually escalate a violent situation, particularly if they are wielded by untrained individuals.
    Less than lethal weapons can be used to incapacitate a perpetrator, allowing an innocent victim a chance to escape. They can also be used to subdue a suspect until law enforcement arrives on the scene. They are simple to use, and do not result in the same type of survivor guilt that can be prevalent in users of conventional lethal weapons.
    How These Weapons Work
    Less than lethal weapons are typically used to incapacitate a perpetrator. There are different styles of less than lethal weapons, but at their core all of them are designed to stop a perpetrator by inflicting pain. The difference however, lies in the fact that they are only designed to injure or wound, not to kill.
    This is not meant to imply that these weapons cannot still be deadly in some situations. If enough force is applied, nearly any type of weapon can be lethal. That is why they are referred to as less than lethal as opposed to non-lethal. It is still possible to kill using a less than lethal weapon. However, it is significantly less likely that the perpetrator will be killed with a less than lethal weapon as opposed to a conventional weapon. Learning more about what are less than lethal weapons will help users understand the difference between the two.
    Using Them As A Deterrent
    Due to their ability to inflict high levels of pain, less than lethal weapons can also be used as a deterrent against violent crime. No one likes to experience pain, and that includes criminals. Simply brandishing a less than lethal weapon may act as a deterrent against an attack. In many cases, the weapon doesn’t even need to be used. The threat alone is enough to discourage the perpetrator from continuing to pursue the victim.
    In order for this strategy to work, the person wielding the weapon must be able to handle it in a confident and educated manner. They should know how it works and show that they will follow through in using it if necessary.
    So, what are less than lethal weapons that could be employed by law abiding citizens? There are many different types to choose from. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks that should be considered before making a purchase. Learn more about the various types of less than lethal weapons available for personal defense.
    Sprays - Many people are familiar with the brand Mace. In some circles, it has become synonymous with the category of pepper spray. Pepper spray is easily accessible, and relatively inexpensive. It comes in containers that are small enough to be easily tucked into a pocket or handbag. It is also relatively simple to use. While it is still wise to test a canister to make sure you have the nozzle directed properly, it does not require any special training.
    Pepper spray comes in an aerosol or pump style container, or even a gun. It is made from a derivative of the cayenne pepper, which burns when it comes into contact with the skin or mucous membranes. When sprayed in the face of an attacker it burns their eyes, nose and mouth. Some models also use UV dye to mark the perpetrator’s clothing. This feature is useful in helping identify the attacker if they try to flee. While complications are rare, it is possible that pepper spray can aggravate the airways and lead to asphyxiation.
    Telescoping Batons - Telescoping batons, sometimes referred to as night sticks, are another option for personal protection. They retract down to a small size, so they are portable and convenient. They can be used to put additional distance between you and your attacker. A simple flick of the wrist can expand the baton, so it can be pulled out and used at a moment’s notice.
    Telescoping batons are available at a variety of price points, from $10 to hundreds of dollars. They are most frequently sold online but can be purchased through some local stores. Batons may be constructed from either metal or plastic. While it is helpful to practice with the baton from time to time, no special training is required.
    Electroshock Weapons - The most commonly known electroshock weapon is the Taser. It fires two barbed probes at the target. The probes are connected to the device by thin wires, which carry an electromagnetic shock. It leads to neuromuscular incapacitation, literally locking up the attacker’s muscles so they can’t move.
    One of the unique benefits of the Taser brand is their Self Escape Program. If you ever need to use your device, they advise you to leave it behind and escape. They will replace the device free of charge.
    Stun guns are another familiar type of electroshock weapon. Unlike Tasers, they do not cause neuromuscular incapacitation. Stun guns incapacitate perpetrators by causing high levels of pain from electric shock.
    While electroshock weapons are considered less than lethal, they are not risk free. One of the greatest dangers associated with any electroshock weapon is the risk of death from cardiac arrest. Whenever possible, it is recommended that electroshock weapons should not be aimed at an attacker’s chest, but rather at other parts of the body.
    Anyone interested in using an electroshock weapon for self-defense should commit to training with the weapon on a regular basis. This is to ensure the best-case scenario for everyone involved. Users should practice their aim and firing skills, so it becomes second nature. This is especially important as nerves are typically high during an attack, so wielding the weapon needs to be a well-ingrained habit. Users should be able to handle the weapon instinctively.
    Electroshock weapons are typically more expensive than other less than lethal weapons. Tasers and stun guns typically start at several hundred dollars each, with some models costing over $1,000.
    Guns with Less Than Lethal Ammunition
    Guns using non-traditional ammunition are another option for self-defense. There are a wide array of models of guns as well as types of ammunition to choose from on the personal defense market. Less than lethal guns are typically designed to fire at a lower velocity than traditional firearms. They rely on the use of blunt force trauma to incapacitate an attacker. While most forms of non-traditional ammunition are not lethal, they can be if shot at a close range or in particularly vulnerable areas of the body. They are also capable of permanently maiming the assailant and should be used with caution.
    Guns always require training, even if they use non-traditional ammunition. Concealed carry laws apply to guns with non-traditional ammunition as well. Likewise, there are courses that must be taken to learn how to properly handle the weapon. Users will also need to practice firing the weapon, as well as learning how to safely handle it. Special precaution should be taken when loading and unloading the ammunition and cleaning the weapon, just as it is with traditional firearms.
    Weapons using non-traditional ammunition can range in price from several hundred to several thousand dollars, making them one of the more expensive choices in less than lethal self-protection. The mandatory training and registration fees also add to the cost of ownership.
    There are many less than lethal ammunition choices available on the market. Rubber bullets, beanbag rounds, wax bullets, soft polymer rounds, and ring airfoil projectiles are just a few of the options to choose from. All the above options are effective at disabling an assailant. Because they can be fired from a distance, they are an effective solution at stopping an attacker without the need for close proximity.
    Since many different types of less than lethal weapons are available on the market, it may be confusing for consumers to decide which ones will best suit their needs. There are several points to consider when choosing which weapon to purchase for self-defense.
    • How much training is needed to be able to effectively wield the weapon? Some weapons require users to be trained and others do not. Consider whether you want to expend the time and effort necessary to complete the training.
    • Where will the weapon be used? Will it be kept in a single location, or does it need to be portable? If it needs to be portable, is it small enough and light enough to make transportation appropriate? Can it be easily concealed?
    • Does it require ammunition? If you don’t want to deal with purchasing and loading ammunition you may want to choose an alternative weapon.
    • What is the cost? Some less than lethal weapons are inexpensive, while others are quite pricey.
    Less-than-lethal Weapons Are a Smart Choice in Personal Security
    Violent crime is on the rise, and many law abiding citizens are concerned about safety. They desire effective solutions to help protect themselves as well as their loved ones. Less than lethal weapons are a smart solution in personal defense. By learning what are less than lethal weapons, civilians are empowered to make choices that help provide an additional level of personal security.
    They can be used as both a deterrent and a self-defense system. There are many different styles and models of less than lethal weapons to choose from at varying price points. Some require training, while others are simple enough to be used right out of the package. Choose the less than lethal weapon that is right for you and take back your personal safety and security.
  • Buy Cheap New Stun Guns Here

    Tips to ensure your daughter working at night is safe.
    Self-defense is an important area to consider since an attacker can come from anywhere at any given time. In most countries lethal weapons like guns are only issued under controlled licenses hence everybody can’t have them for defense. The best way to protect yourself is not by hurting or killing the attacker, but injecting some temporary pain or dis ability that can enable you escape the danger. If you have fallen victim of any attack and feels you want the best and affordable way to protect yourself, walk across the town and you will meet the writing “buy cheap new stun guns here”.
    To help the fathers take care of their daughters in the best ways possible this is how to do it. The love of the father to their daughters sometime is too much that they desire to accompany them wherever they go just to ensure they are safe. This great love that yield security to the daughter may not be possible always if the daughter is engaged in some work elsewhere. This can easily lead to much worries to the father especially when the daughter is engaged in working late in the night and has to come home very late. The risk of fear is too much and it’s high time you ensure your daughter has a self-defending mechanism in her hand bag.
    If the way home after work is dangerous for your daughter, consider getting her a new stun guns. Other ways and means of self-defense that have been employed in the past haven’t proved to be very perfect. With stun guns much protection is expected as compared to weapons like knives that must work on close rage and can easily cause death.
    Many different outlets now deals in stun guns and do not be surprised to see the writing “buy cheap new stun guns here”. These are some of the best moments to take advantage and get your daughter a gift that will no longer make you worried. The stun gun will automatically save you the cost of fear since you will be assure of the safety of your daughter whenever she is out late. Stun guns are accepted across many countries and don’t need to be licensed to have them with you.

  • Who Sells Stun Guns Online?

    Stun guns are growing in popularity as means for self-defense. Often chosen in place of pepper spray, knives, or guns, they offer a chance to seriously incapacitate an attacker without the long-term effects that may make purchasers wary of knives or guns. This relatively new technology can be confusing.

    Stun guns are often confused with a "TASER" device, but in fact, the names cannot be used interchangeably. The TASER fires a pair of barbed projectiles which use a wire to give the attacker a 50,000-volt shock. They can be used at a distance of up to 15 feet. In contrast, a stun gun must be pressed against the assailant's skin to work.

    A stun gun uses an electrical current to disrupt the natural electrical currents in the attacker's body, rendering them unable to come after you. The effects will last at least ten minutes. Today, stun guns are specifically designed not to cause permanent damage. Although they are very effective at incapacitating your assailant in the short-term, you will not have to worry about the long-term repercussions of shooting or otherwise wounding an attacker. Though there are a few cases of people dying after being shocked by a stun gun, these deaths have been attributed to an underlying health problem which made the shock more harmful for them than for other people.

    A stun gun may range up to 1 million volts. Most people think that this is extremely dangerous. After all, home outlets are usually 120 volts. The amps are what makes electricity dangerous; most home outlets are between 15 and 20 amps, while stun guns usually only use between 1 and three milliamps. Usually, anything from 60 milliamps or higher is considered fatal, meaning that regular stun guns, at 1-3 milliamps, are quite safe to use. The high voltage will quickly immobilize the attacker, while the low amperage will cause no serious injuries. There are many different voltages of stun gun available; generally, the higher voltage units will immobilize an attacker faster.

    Stun guns typically have a very long lifespan. They can be used more than once before the battery needs to be replaced or recharged. Battery life is not a big issue with stun guns because they are not meant to be frequently used. Most models use a simple household 9-volt battery to produce the required electric charge.

    A lot of people may be asking, who sells stun guns online? Numerous online stores sell stun guns at fair prices such the amazon.com.

    Before purchasing a stun gun, be sure to check the laws in your location. Purchasing, carrying, or using them may be governed by your state or local laws.

  • Buy New Stun Guns Near Me

    Stun guns have been around since the 1930s when they were utilized as dairy cattle push. They were huge, appalling, and contrasted with the present items not capable, but rather they took care of business. They have been utilized for a considerable length of time as a major aspect of the law authorization 'continuum of power'.

    When you see a cop look on his tool belt to see the size stun gadget he conveys. It will most likely be entirely enormous. These days a major one is about the extent of a PDA make buy new stun guns near me.

    Stun instruments have at least two contacts on one side that lead power between them. That electrical charge when connected for 3-5 seconds makes the body exhaust spending all blood sugars required for vitality. The aggressor can do only twist up in a ball.

    In the previous four years that I have been a merchant for self-protection devices, they have become littler, all the more intense and less expensive relatively few enterprises can make that claim.

    Presently there is a new gathering of shoddy, little, capable stun guns just accessible on the web. They are for the most part rechargeable and under $40.00 which makes them shabby stun guns buy new stun guns near me.

    They are:

    The lipstick stunner with a spotlight. It is the littlest one we convey at 3 inches tall and 3/4 inch in breadth and has a work in an electric lamp and an impair stick. So. The stun firearm couldn't be utilized against you. It is 950,000 V and looks precisely like a container of lipstick.

    The pen stunner with an electric lamp at 6.5 inches tall and 1 inch in distance across is pressed with 1.2 million volts and has a capable LED spotlight as well. The wellbeing top and switch forestalls unplanned release.

    The spotlight stun gadget is 3.5 million volts and measures 5 1/8 creeps by 1 3/8 crawls by 1/8 creeps about the extent of an electric razor-ideal for littler hands.

  • Buy New Pink Taser For Women Here

    Pink is a very feminine color and a lot of women like to accessorize with it. All kinds of things come in this color, but did you know that self-defense products do too? Although the nature of these things is less-than-pleasant, as they're associated with violence, that doesn't mean that you have to carry around a scary looking, dull and unpleasant weapon all day. You can choose to buy new pink taser for women here which has the same personal protection capabilities as the stock version without reminding you constantly of the threat of violence that the ugly, intimidating black color can provoke.

    Just because you think that products designed for personal protection must be ugly or depressing does not mean that you should allow those feelings to prevent you from having one or two at your disposal. You must not forget about your personal safety. You must keep in mind that you may be a target of an assault at any time in today's violence-ridden society . So many buy new pink taser for women here.

    Well, with that preference in mind, several new pink tasers for women products are now available in a more feminine, you now have the option to buy a means of personal protection in a color that reflects your personality, not the violent nature of these items.

    The pink Taser it's outward appearance is pink, however, inside it's all business. This pink device is an electro-shock weapon that uses an electric current to disrupt the voluntary functions of your assailant's muscles. You need not fear to cause permanent disability to your assailant; these devices are non-lethal. Up close or at a distance of up to 15 feet, this tiny, hand-held device can pack quite the punch for an attacker; the pink Taser C2 still has the power to penetrate up to two inches of clothing, regardless of its color.

  • Buy New Inexpensive Stun Guns Here

    What comes to your mind when you Hear the word, Good Parenting?

    Goodies, birthday gifts and fat pocket money are qualities of good parenting. Perfecting parenting is all about saving your kids from physical molestation and trauma. Buy new inexpensive stun guns here and take your parenting to a whole new level.

    What is a stun gun?

    A stun gun is a device that uses an electrical shock to immobilize an assailant giving you an opportunity to flee. It is a perfect security device, especially when walking through dark alleys at night. This device uses low voltage such that it does not cause serious injuries but also stops your attacker right in his tracks.

    Does your Daughter Need a Stun Gun?

    My divine answer is yes… a lot happens under the cover of darkness and since you never know when the D day comes I would recommend a stun gun for your sweet little girl. It is easily possible to turn the tables against her would be assailants leaving them shaking on the ground as she calls for security.

    Stun Gun Regulations

    Around the United States, most states owning a stun gun is not an offense. Make sure to get a warranty for the device so that your daughter can be even with the law. The good thing about this weapon is that once issued with a warranty it will serve her for life. Other weapons like guns need annual renewal.
    However, stun guns are prohibited in some of the states in the United States.

    Types of Stun Guns

    There are a variety of stun guns on the market today. If you have decided to buy one for your daughter then you must consider the perfect one. Traditional designs like Pen stun guns are easier to handle but sadly may sometimes jam.
    Modern designs like Cell phone stun guns, Lipstick stun guns can be disguised and hence fit in our modern society.

    The benefits are worth the investment. Make up your mind and buy new inexpensive stun guns here and keep her safe during her night shift.

  • Who Sells New Stun Guns Near Me?

    Are you wondering who sells new stun guns near me? Are you aware of the fact that stun guns are one of the most preferred self-defense items? Stun guns are in use for self-defense for many years because of the ease of use and effectiveness. However, in earlier days, buying a stun gun for personal safety will be a hard deal. These stun guns were available only in the brick and mortar self-defense stores. As you may know, self-defense stores are not available all around the city. In fact, there are people out there who even know that these self-defense stores exist. Things have changed a lot these days. Stun guns are now available in the online stores (only very few) which are accessible from any part of the world.

    Safety in Your Hands

    We are living in a world filled with crime. With the crime rates on the rise, we have to take care of ourselves in case of an emergency. While calling the cops is the first duty of every citizen who is subjected to a victim of any threat, you should understand the fact that there will be situations where you will be in a situation with zero escape time to call the cops. This is where the need for self-defence items such as stun guns comes in. These non-lethal weapons will subdue the attacker so that you can get enough time to relax and alert the cops with as many details about the crime. The interesting fact is that the criminal will remain unconscious till backup arrives and soon he will be behind bars.

    Buying Stun Guns For Personal Safety

    With the availability of the stun guns in the online stores, you can buy them no matter in which part of the world you are. However, there is a barrier that you need to cross to own a stun gun for personal safety. The barrier is called "Local Rule and Regulations". There are certain cities in every country where the use of stun guns is restricted. It is important to check with the local laws before you order stun guns online. Chances of getting into legal issues are there when the stun guns get shipped to your country. If you are unsure about the local laws for the use of stun guns, seek assistance from the online stun gun supplier.

    If you are connected to the internet, your personal safety is just a click away.

  • Stun Guns Near Me For Sale

    A significant portion of us realizes that a weapon can be a dangerous thing. Individuals everywhere throughout the world are purchasing guns for their very own security. What they neglect to acknowledge is that there are numerous options that you can opt for. A standout among the most famous of choices is the stun gun. These guns are intended just to battle off a predator. They are utilized as an incredible method to escape from an awful person. Let us find out the considerations before finding stun guns near me for sale.

    Getting your work done is continually going to be critical. This is the most serious type of security that you are considering at buying. You have to guarantee that you are sufficiently able to figure out how to make use of the stun gun. Read any piece of data that you run over entirely.Most experts will always instruct you to take into consideration the safety of another weapon. This isn't to be messed with. The truth is, these guns are utilized as a type of protection. Ensure that you are going through the safety rules before you purchase too. This will disclose to you how to deal with the these guns, how to keep it far from kids.

    You ought to likewise know what you are dealing with. Most accidents happen because individuals are playing around with things, for example,the stun guns. The stun gun is not for particular pleasure. Indeed, it was intended for you to battle off predators. Rather than possibly harming somebody, ensure you understand what you are dealing with. These gun have got a great deal of energy going through them.

    Likewise you ought to be aware of how much you are ready to spend on buying the stun gun. It is my hope that you found what to consider before finding stun guns for sale here.
  • Buy Talon Stun Guns Here

    Well being is something that has turned into a genuine concern nowadays. It has turned into a cerebral pain for huge numbers of us. Along these lines, the need for a decent security framework is extremely basic. This need has built up another industry of security items.

    With the progression of science and innovation, nowadays we get various alternatives when we look for well being apparatuses. Stun guns are one of them. These guns dislike genuine guns. It doesn't discharge projectiles. Rather it gives electric stun. Intriguing would it say it isn't? Obviously, it is, however before you really utilize it, do ensure that it won't be fatal. The organizations do guarantee you that only for some time it will make the individual dormant. However, I would by and by proposing you to check twice before you apply it, one somebody, as you may be in a bad position if something genuine happens to the individual so buy talon stun guns here.

    There are numerous different sorts of stun guns like Talon, Stun Batons, Stun Master and Cell Phone Stun Guns. Some are uncommonly made remembering ladies. Indeed, even the voltage of the power of these stun guns varies in each model. With the majority of the models, lifetime guarantee is advertised. There are two choices; few needs battery and few can be charged. Both have its own preferences so before picking consider what suits you. These stun guns can be utilized by ordinary subjects. These are likewise utilized by security protects and watch keeps an eye on. It is convenient and comes in various models to buy talon stun guns here.

    When you are utilizing any sort of well being instruments you should ensure that it is genuinely innocuous for you to utilize and obviously it won't bring extra inconveniences for you. You may hurt yourself while utilizing it. The organizations creating new stun guns for sale and different kinds of such apparatuses while building up the models do deal with this reality. Organizations will dependably endeavor to advance their items by featuring their great focuses. In any case, when you are purchasing an instrument for your security reconsider and counsel with individuals who really think about every one of this stuff. You can even get assistance from the web. Look at the results of different organizations, comprehend what you really require and what will suit your motivation, and afterward settle on your decision. It may cost an existence so do take exceptional care of it.

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