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Professional Cameras

Professional Security Cameras Near Me For Sale

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Q. What are professional cameras?

A. Professional cameras are built to be durable and reliable. Something like our HD Weather Proof Bullet Camera is what we recommend. The HD technology gives you crystal clear image. For example, most cameras are blurry and grainy. So it's hard to recognize facial features and the moving image of the person will be blurry and have a trailing edge effect. With our bullet camera you get know trailing effect of an object moving quickly in the field of view. This helps to read license plate numbers  and allows you see the actual facial features of an intruder. These cameras adjust to the environment and give you a clear IR image. It's ideal for both indoor or outdoor applications. And will automatically adjust adjust to the ambient lighting of the surrounding area. Giving you a crystal clear HD image. So it's a good idea to keep this in mind when looking to buy professional security cameras near me.

Q. Where can I buy professional cameras?

A. Urban Safety Solutions located in St. Louis, Mo is a trusted online seller of professional video security cameras. 

Q. What are considered professional cameras?

A. The IntelliSpy BC-AHD150-DN that is one of the best professional video security cameras. It's a fully weatherproof HD  bullet camera with 150 feet of night vision. And can be purchased online from Urban Safety Solutions.

Q. Are professional cameras worth it?

A. Yes, a professional video security camera is designed to be durable and very reliable. So you'll have peace of mind that you will be able to identify an intruder. Online shoppers expect this when looking to buy professional security cameras near me.

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Q. Which professional video security camera to buy?

A. We recommend the IntelliSpy 1080P HD Weather Proof Bullet Camera. It comes with a 2.8-12mm varifocal lens and has a heavy duty mounting bracket. with a hidden cable design. It mounts easiy to both ceilings or walls.

Q. What is a varifocal lens?

A.Variifocal lens can be is one where the focal length of the lens can be varied. In other words, it's a zoom lens. Most varifocal have or at least should have an auto iris feature. The professional video security cameras sold online by Urban Safety Solutions have this feature.

Q. What is a fixed lens?

A. A fixed focal lens can not zoom. The focus is fixed. A fixed focal lens usually allows more light  to pass through the lens. This can be important in low light situations.