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College Tips – Be Safe On Dates With Self Defense Products

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Please feel free to submit your own experiences such as the one below if you would like me to share your own personal story with readers of this blog…

Low-cost lodging is the attraction of my ladies-only hostel next to a college campus, and a nonrestrictive environment, its unintended attraction.  My family keeps an eye on the house in addition to a wireless security system.

I instill college dating safety tips in my occupants, who look up to me as a parent figure, without undermining the authority of their real mothers.  If it were my youngsters, I would have imposed tighter curfews and regulations.

College romance is full of drama.  The moment one of my residents starts dating a professor, someone in her peer group or a friend’s ex, I know there is going to be trouble.  These are no-nos in my college dating safety tips.

Date rape is a huge cause of worry for me.  This is the reason I got on the internet to find a non-lethal self-defense weapon that looks inconspicuous, and I came across the Stun Master 1.2 million volt pen stun gun with flashlight.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for ladies to be led into staying alone with a date they do not trust and fall prey to date rape.  When I spout off about college dating safety tips, I emphasize that being intoxicated weakens defenses.

The Stun Master pen stun gun with flashlight is ideal for my residents as it is easy to bring along and has a cool pen-like housing.  Unleashing 1.2 million volts of stopping force, it will temporarily paralyze a disrespectful date and other attackers.

Rechargeable and with a built-in integrated charger, this Stun Master 1.2 million volt pen stun gun is equipped with a powerful led flashlight for defense in darkness without needing to remove the safety cap against accidental firing.

I try to live by example and show my occupants that I mean what I say when I pass on my college dating safety tips. The best way to do this is to help them carry out whatever I have taught them.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

Personal Protection For Women In College Can Be Attained With The Extreme College Survival Kit

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

The following story is from a customer about the value she and her father place on The Extreme college survival Kit in these dangerous times in America.

My dad has long been overprotective of me due to the fact I am the only girl among three children, and the firstborn at that.  I was given all the pampering that a child could get.  Considering that now I’m going to college and living elsewhere, he tries to over-compensate for his physical absence.

He got me the Extreme College Survival Kit from SafeFamilyLife, which he let me know, may serve as personal protection for women at this stage of my life.  A colleague had recommended it to him because of a recent date rape incident that occurred in my school.

The victim had been a popular girl on campus and most guys asked her out.  I got to school one morning to see a great deal of students discussing her.  As soon as I asked one classmate what exactly was taking place, I found that the lady was found dead right after going on a date together with one of our school mates.

Apparently, the guy whom she dated went missing so he took over as the primary suspect for the crime.  A teacher had been discussing date rape in class, as well as other common crimes committed on college students, for instance dorm break-ins.  She mentioned the importance of personal protection for women and the way we have to be prepared for these situations.

When I came home, the Extreme College Survival Kit from SafeFamilyLife happened to be waiting for me.  Specially structured by experts to ensure protection for women while attending college, this kit includes a Lipstick pepper spray, nap alarm, 1/2 oz Pepper Spray with Visor Clip , 2 0z. Pepper Spray with Wall Mount and 1/2 oz. Pepper Spray with Keychain.

The kit also supplies a diversion safe that appears just like a book, a door stop alarm, an electronic pocket whistle along with a Mobile phone Lite flashlight.  An added bonus is a system instructional manual and DVD designed to teach the consumer the best way to employ each product.  Six special safety reports are given on the way to maximize these devices for personal protection for women.

The reports discuss campus and college security tips, a college rape report, safe dating, securing your dorm or apartment, information on roommates, and the way parents can prepare their kids for college.  They are a great resource for making my life at college a whole lot safer.

The passing of our school mate served as a wake up call for students, and their parents, to understand the worthiness of personal protection for women.  The Extreme College Survival Kit from SafeFamilyLife provides me with the non-lethal personal protection needed in these dangerous times.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

Tips That’ll Keep You Safe at College

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Following some very simple guidelines will keep you from being a crime victim while at college…

When you are on campus, always be aware of your surroundings and of the people around you. If you must listen to your iPod or MP3 player as you walk, have volume low enough that you can hear sound when snapping fingers. However, if walking alone at night or off-campus turn OFF and remove ear buds. Also, keep texting on phone to a minimum until you reach your destination. When your obviously distracted and oblivious to your surroundings, your an inviting target for rape or abduction.

Take advantage of programs that offer assistance in getting home after dark. Most of the campuses offer walk home assistance and shuttle service so you arrive at home safely.

If you are walking on campus, stay in well-lighted areas as much as possible…It’s dark so turn OFF electronic devices such as iPod and remove headphones.

If you see someone in your area or near you, make eye contact so he knows you see him and aware of their presence. Please carry Wildfire key chain pepper spray and be prepared to use it if attacked.

Stay away from traditional trouble spots on campus. Most college juniors and seniors can tell you where they are so please ask. Locations like alleys and dark parking spots make it easier to be targeted and vulnerable to be a victim of crime.

Finally, this should be common sense. But never leave laptops, backpacks and other personal belongings unattended…even if stepping away for just a minute. Someone could be watching and just waiting for an opportunity to steal your belongings.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

Consider Taser C2 As a Gift and Save Your Daughter’s Life

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

These are dangerous times, choosing the Taser C2 as a gift to keep your daughter safe while away at a college or university, is a precaution that makes sense. Don’t wait until after your daughter is victimized by a brutal rape or violently attacked by a street thug…take action now!

The Taser C2 works by firing two small darts, which consist of electrodes. The electrodes are connected to the Taser C2 main unit by a thin wire propelled through the air by compressed nitrogen. The range of the Taser C2 is 15 feet. The Taser C2 has electrodes that can penetrate clothing and have a barbed surface so that it can’t be removed once attached to clothing or skin. The Taser C2 sends an electroshock into the body of the attacker causing instant incapacitation. The Taser C2 works on technology known as Electro Muscular Disruption (EMD), which causes very strong contractions in the attacking thug’s muscles. The extreme involuntary muscle contractions is what incapacitates the attacker, allowing your daughter to safely escape and notify law enforcement. Your Taser C2 will be replaced free of charge, just submit police report to TASER Corporation with request for replacement Taser C2.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

Rape Victims Victimized Again

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

On Monday of this week, the FBI said that violent crimes reported to the police were down for a third straight year dropping 5.3% in 2009 and reported cases of rape dropped by 2.6%. What a joke, the problem with these statistics are that law enforcement agencies are not required by law to submit data but do so voluntarily. Sexual assault and rape cases are consistently underestimated if reported at all. There is still the attitude that sex crimes are marginal issues and this view is prevalent in police departments across the nation and is a huge contributor to the under reporting of rape and sexual assault cases. Furthermore, members of the U.S. Senate chaired by Sen. Arlen Specter,D-Penn also doubt the validity of this recently released FBI report and held a subcommittee hearing on uninvestigated rape cases. The combination of bias and inaccurate data submitted by law enforcement agencies should be a concern to all Americans. As one example, The Baltimore Sun investigated and revealed that police in that city were ignoring rape claims and refusing to pass them on to investigators. A similar investigation by the Philadelphia Inquirer in 2000 revealed that law enforcement in that city secretly dumped thousands of cases of rape with little investigation and downgraded other claims for nearly two decades. Senators were told in the subcommittee hearing that police departments in several big cities, including St. Louis, New Orleans, Milwaukee, New York and Cleveland are employing similar tactics “to sweep reports of rape under the rug”.

A final note, sexual assault is one of the most under reported crimes, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, even thou 1 out of every 6 American women has been a victim of an attempted rape or completed rape in her lifetime.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

What Parents Need to Know About College Crime

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

College crime against students is a very real issue in today’s dangerous world. Crime in this nation is increasing dramatically and getting worse. Parents need to understand that college campuses aren’t isolated from crime. Rape is the most common crime on college campuses and college students especially women  are stalked more than any group of people. Assault is another very real problem as well, particularly for female college students.

Campus officials are reluctant to share the truth about crime on campus because it’s not good for business. Parents visiting for orientation or walking along during the campus tour with their child better find out the facts about crime on campus. Legislative changes are compelling colleges to accurately report crime statistics. Here are a few sobering facts:

Rape is the most common violent crime committed on college campus.

The National College Women Sexual Victimization Survey found 20 to 25% of college women are victims of sexual assault or attempted sexual assault during their college years.

Women ages 16 to 24 experience rape at rates four times higher than the assault rape for all women making the college and high school years the most vulnerable.

9 in 10 college women who are victims of rape know their attacker.

Nearly 70% of female victims of attempted rape and 55% of female victims of rape reported using physical force against their attacker to protect themselves.

34% of rapes and 45% of attempted rapes of college women take place on campus.

Almost 60% of the rapes that take place on campus occur in the victim’s residence.

These realities are the reason The Extreme college survival Kit was put together. Designed with the personal safety and protection of the college student in mind. Especially, female students living off-campus or attending urban universities. This kit is the perfect gift or care package for living safely in these dangerous times and will give parents peace of mind that their daughter is not defenseless while away at college.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

Urban University Crime Is Real

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Urban university crime is real in St. Louis, MO and the same can be said for most if not all urban communities in the United States. One good way not to be victimized by a street thug or sexual predator is to acknowledge the fact that crime is real and be vigilant about your personal safety. An attacker can overwhelm any naive college student in seconds so it’s imperative for students especially females, take precautions to protect themselves against a violent surprise attack or rape. Again, crime is real and I’m always amazed when I see a female Washington University St. Louis, MO student walking alone late at night with ear buds blasting from an iPod totally oblivious to her surroundings as she texts with her phone.
Any student this stupid better be carrying Mace pepper gel or Wildfire pepper spray because it’s only a matter of time until she’s another FBI urban crime statistic.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

Defend Yourself with the Stun Master Pen 1.2M Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

It’s a must for anyone especially women attending college to always carry non-lethal personal protection such as a Stun Master pen stun gun with 1.2 million volts of electricity and it’s rechargeable so there are no concerns about having to buy batteries. stun guns are designed to give you the protection you need when being attacked. Stun guns such as the Stun Master Pen 1.2 Million Volt rechargeable stun gun are one of the most effective and efficient non-lethal personal protection available on the market today that can be purchased inexpensively online. A stun gun is a non-lethal self defense weapon that uses electricity to temporarily incapacitate the attacker. When applied to an attackers body, it works by disrupting the brains communication by sending various signals all at the same time. It makes the muscles work rapidly resulting in loss of energy and confusion which immobilizes the assailant for about 10-15 minutes allowing you time to safely escape and contact law enforcement. Because this device uses the high voltage low amperage technology, there is no permanent damage to the attacker and he’ll fully recover.
Again, stun guns work on high voltage low amperage technology. High voltage is not harmful but the amps are. Just one amp can kill a person however most stun guns only have 3 milliamps and is the reason why there is no permanent damage to the attackers body.  Also, there is no danger to you. The electricity from the stun gun is dumped into your assailants body and dissipates into his muscles. So you will not be electrified even if he grabs onto you or is touching your body. Even if standing in water, you will not be electrocuted. Crimes such as rape, sexual assault and robbery are rampant on and off college or university campuses. In my own urban community of St. Louis, MO  there have been numerous violent attacks upon students at UMSL, Washington University St. Louis, MO and SLU the past 12 months. Of course campus authorities don’t always tell the full truth about crime on and off campus. Especially, off-campus in the sketchy areas or fringes surrounding the campuses filled with predators salivating at the new freshman class of young women nearby. The best thing parents can do is take matters into their own hands and give your daughter or loved one a fighting chance and possibility of escape by providing her with a Stun Master pen 1.2 million volt rechargeable stun gun with built-in flashlight for self defense against any thug that dares to attack her.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

No Excuse for College Students Not to Carry Pepper Spray

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

It’s inexpensive, effective, legal and easy to use. Owning self defense products is like having car insurance. In a life threatening situation, it’s better to have pepper spray if needed. Than to need it and not have it. Most assaults take place suddenly and unexpectedly, and it can happen to anyone. Especially, an unprepared naive female college student. Wildfire pepper spray is an effective non-lethal personal protection product designed as a key chain or comes with holster clip for a belt. Carry this key chain pepper spray with you always, so that any attacker can be put down immediately; even if the thug is much bigger and more powerful than you.
If you never seen anyone get sprayed with Wildfire Pepper Spray, you’ll be amazed how quickly a large 250lb man will go down and stay down. The effects of a good blast from the dispenser are instantaneous and will incapacitate anyone for as long as 45 minutes, leaving no permanent damage and allowing you the time needed to escape and contact the police. Wildfire Pepper Spray contains an invisible UV Dye which is very helpful when making positive identification of the suspected attacker.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

Urban Safety Solutions for the Commuter

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

In our urban environment where public transportation is frequently used by all walks of life. Commuters have found themselves in very scary and stressful situations. They’ve had to defend themselves against some seedy characters. The Pretender 4.5 Million Volt cell phone stun gun is the optimum surprise close proximity self defense weapon and it’s non-lethal. It looks so much like a real cell phone that an attacker will never suspect you’ve got 4.5 million volts of serious hurt ready for him. The Pretender 4\.5 million volt cell phone stun gun effects the nervous system by using high voltage to stop the attacker in his tracks. The attacker finds himself without energy and loses body functions because of the 3-5 second jolt. Resulting in the street thug collapsing to the ground laying in his own urine. Allowing you time to escape to safety and notify law enforcement. The attacker will fully recover from the jolt in approximately 45 minutes with no permanent damage.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban