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Mace Hot Walkers Personal Protection for Female Joggers and Walkers

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

This parent purchased Mace Hot Walkers as non lethal personal protection for his daughter living in St. Louis…

Bill always worried about his daughter, Josie.  She always had that independent streak growing up.  The past Thanksgiving, she announced to the family that she would be moving to the big city to work on her acting career.

When Josie’s sister wondered aloud if Josie would keep up her workout routine, Josie assured everyone that she’d still get her three mile walk in everyday by strolling through the park.  It didn’t take long for sparks to fly across the dinner table.

Bill resolved that he’d support his daughter, no matter what.  So at Christmas time, a few days before Josie planned to leave town, he picked up an extra gift.

“Josie,” he said, when he sat her down at the next family gathering, “I’m sorry if it sounded like I wasn’t behind you all the way the last time we all were together.”

“I know, Dad,” said Josie, “the city’s a lot different that this town, and you just want me to be safe.”

“That’s right,” Bill replied, “so when I heard about these, I thought they might help both of us feel a little better about your move.”

He explained how the Hot Walkers looked and felt just like a regular pair of aerobic hand weights, the kind people use to keep their hearts in good shape. This cleverly disguised pepper spray is an excellent way a woman can defend herself if attacked while walking, jogging or running on the St. Louis city urban bike trails.

“These weights keep you just in case,” Bill explained.  “Let’s say you run into someone who wants to hurt you.  Just press this button right here to blast them with pepper spray.  They won’t be able to do much of anything for a while, so you can run and get help.”

“I know you want to keep the same king of independence you’re used to out here in the country,” Bill paused, placing a hand on Josie’s knee.  “This lets you stay in control, and it’ll keep me and your sister from worrying about you on those walks.” Parents often wonder…is downtown St. Louis safe?

Josie hugged her dad, and settled in for warm celebration with the rest of her family.  This time, everyone knew she could handle living on her own in the big city. Downtown St. Louis living requires residents,visitors and tourist to be vigilant about always being aware of their surroundings. Hot Walkers are effective as an urban self defense  and urban street defense weapon.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!


St. Louis the Most Dangerous City in America

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Anyone who has driven to a St. Louis Cardinal’s baseball game, know that parts of St. Louis, MO look like a war zone. Abandoned homes, warehouses and buildings are crumbling throughout the city. Though the suburban population has ballooned to approximately 3 million, the frequently quoted population of St. Louis city is roughly 356,000.
Believe it or not, car thefts and break-ins are so common in many parts of the community that the city actually post signs in public parking areas warning city visitors not to leave valuables visible in their vehicles or better yet not at all.
Sadly, in the most dangerous city in America. Murders have become common on local television news channels. St. Louis residents can expect a murder to be reported every few days in the most dangerous city in America. The murder rate in St. Louis is about 4 times higher than the murder rate in New York. Again, St. Louis City has a population of only about 356,000. As of this writing, there have been 130 homicides in St. Louis City so far this year and as recently as this past weekend there was a man and woman shot and murdered in 2 unrelated crimes. There was also a police officer shot in the face while sitting in an unmarked car in North County. The above video is another example of the senseless violence that fearful law abiding residents must endure living in Murder City USA. These are dangerous times in St. Louis, The Most Dangerous City in America.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban