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What To Consider Whenever Choosing The Best Personal Protection

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Wildfire 3/4 ounce 18% Flip top Actuator Pepper Spray Stream

My own close friends and also I were discussing about the best peppery spray for self defense. Other than to totally agree that self-defense spray is an excellent defensive since it is non-deadly, as well as yields quick as well as temporary effects, however gives absolutely no long-term harm, we all had a varied view of which one was much better.

Measured with 3 million Scoville heat units, a 4 oz. pepper spray gel I possesss has been my best pal. I truly like the process defense spary in gel form functions. Once the target tries to wipe it away, the more it permeates the skin.

Like any other peppery spray, gel pepper spray induces excruciating discomfort due to a burning sensation on the skin. On the two times I have used mine, my aggressors stopped, screamed hurting and also tried to take away the gel. One screamed much more, and then went into coughing fits.

Greg favors his 2 oz. self-defense spray fogger, especially for use inside open spaces. With an effective distance of 10 to 12 feet, the fogger form releases a fine mist of pure pepper grains which are suspended in the air for longer than normal, which can work to stop one or maybe more aggressors.

He added that a strong self-defense spay like it enlarges the mucouse membranes, resulting in respiration issues, and the eyes, causing them to shut. If the eyes stay open, then it’s quite normal for the target to encounter brief loss of sight.

Randy provided his girlfriend, Liz, a lipstick pepper spray. This is disguised pepper spray, that provides girls an added advantage in the element of surprise. An opponent normally considers a lady victim is powerless, making it simpler for him to execute his dubious plans.

The aggressor did not know what hit him immediately after Liz had sprayed him for jus two seconds. He was disoriented. He gagged and went down, offering her the chance to escape.

For Liz, the best pepper spray for personal protection is definitely her own tiny defense spray. It certainly relies on the individual and his own experience.

Assisting Other Women When Facing a Violent St. Louis Attacker With Box Cutter

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Stun Master Mini Stun Baton

Assisting  other women when facing an urban St. Louis attacker with box cutter is possible with non lethal personal protection such as Wildfire pepper gel and mini baton stun device.

Self-defense isn’t totally about self-protection for that could also signify saving someone else’s life. Lending a hand whenever necessary is something that I do not mind undertaking, much more if I feel that help is seriously needed.

I was walking along a dimly lit street one evening as soon as I noticed a stranger who, it was clear to me, was being mugged. Luckily for her and myself, I had my own rechargeable stun gun flashlight on my person.

Stun devices may be non-lethal but they could weaken an assailant effectively because of the shots of electrical energy which he would experience upon contact. The effects are temporary though these would give any victim the opportunity to free himself to get away eventually.

The nature of my work, and given its schedule, motivated me to know more regarding high voltage stun weapons later on. Because they emitted almost or more than a million volts, and were thus considered more potent, I could take any mugger down easily using lesser shots.

I was as well after utility, which was the reason why I researched on flashlight stun devices. And because my way back home included a 10-minute walk past an alley (that alley!), I needed a handy device that can offer needed light.

A rechargeable fashion stun gun with flashlight that I obtained suited my demands. This was rechargeable, contained 3.5 million volts as well as got a built-in flashlight.

I was returning home as soon as I spotted a teen being robbed another time. Without hesitation, I went closer and utilized my own weapon versus the man. He was caught off-guard and I dragged the lady hurriedly to run. The Stun Master 3.5 million volt rechargeable stun weapon with flashlight was a blessing in disguise. It didn’t only offered precisely what I required but also helped me save a life.

And while the lady was some person that I hardly knew, the reality that I was able to help made the rechargeable stun gun flashlight a personal must-have in my opinion.

Non lethal personal protection is an effective way of safeguarding yourself without fatality harming your violent attacker.

How You Can Effectively Protect Yourself With Rechargeable High Voltage Fashion Stun Gun

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Stun Master 3.5 Million Volt Rechargeable Fashion Stun Gun with Flashlight Green Lightning

You can effectively protect yourself  from an attacker with a rechargeable fashion stun gun.

My college roommate was part of a karate club. She was already a black belt when she signed up for club membership. I recall her telling me that you constantly have to learn how to safeguard yourself.

In fact, despite her own martial arts abilities, she likewise has, based on her, the best stun device that she has come across to date.

A stun gun is a non-lethal weapon which generates an electric shock to an enemy on direct contact. The shock can disable your opponent momentarily, providing you with enough time to get away and also ask for assistance.

My buddy owns a small stun gun, something very small that it could easily fit in the palm of her hand, and people won’t ever know that it is there. It’s also a high voltage stun gun with more than a million volts. This implies that it is going to only take a few shocks to stun an attacker.

Her 2.5 million volt stun gun came with a free nylon holster which she could attach to her person when she does not want to hold the device in her hand while walking.

She persuaded me to get my very own self-defense tool, probably a flashlight stun gun, since many of my classes are at night and I have to walk around 500 meters from the college campus to our dorm room. A flashlight stun gun will offer me with precise aiming even during nighttime.

She recommended that I get a large stun flashlight which she stumbled on. Sixteen and a half inches in length, this 200,000 volt stun gun features a 130-decibel alarm that could bring in the attention of passersby if you are under attack.

Personally, however, the best stun gun is a disguised stun gun, which looks nothing just like a weapon. Hence, you have the upper hand due to the element of surprise. I purchased a cell phone stun gun with 4.5 million volts. I was thrilled to find out that it also had a flashlight. With this small stun gun, I was able to obtain the best of both worlds.

The rechargeable high voltage stun gun is now available in many fashionable and colorful designs. Our new high voltage fashion stun gun is very popular with active women living in urban communities such as St. Louis, Mo.

An Effective Way To Protect Yourself In An Unsafe Neighborhood

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Stun Master Multi-Function Stun Gun

The following experience was offered by a reader of this blog…

I like being employed as a bartender, and the tips that I make, even more. The downside is that I end up walking home extremely late in the evening around a place which I can’t truly say is secure.

My girlfriend would pray that I got home safely each and every evening. To minimize her fear, I made a decision to check out the usage of personal defense stun guns for protection. This way, I can easily protect myself once the need arises.

The fact that I head home after dark made it very important that I look at a multifunction stun gun built with an led flashlight, which will assist me to see clearly at night. I found one that had an alarm and also red flashing emergency lights as well to seize the attention of other folks passing by that I require aid.

The electrical shock released by a stun gun if actual contact is made with the body shows exactly what a powerful gadget it is. There is no doubt that the target is going to be debilitated when electrical energy is administered.

I learned that a low voltage stun gun with 100,000 volts is enough to keep me risk-free. Stun guns work not by inducing pain but instead by making the muscle tissues work quickly to affect normal body functions.

While the attacker is down, I will be able to flee being a possible victim. With all the criminal acts happening right now, particularly in the unsafe place exactly where I live, a self-defense weapon has become a necessity.

After more research, I would like to be able to protect myself from some distance. This was something that I can accomplish with a large stun flashlight. I eyed a stun baton equipped with a strong beam of light and an alarm. Since it is elongated, I do not need to get away too close to the target.

Now, my girlfriend doesn’t worry like she used to, particularly since all personal defense stun guns are non deadly weapons. This implies that all effects last temporarily and no long term damage is caused.

Advice For Keeping Safe When Traveling

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

4 N 1 Auto Emergency Tool

We often provide advice for keeping safe when traveling in a vehicle and how to safeguard your privacy from perverted creeps that install hidden cameras in public restrooms, budget hotels and roadside motels. A hidden spy cam detector such as the lens finder bug detector can help combat concealed cameras that secretly video record your activities.

My older brother provided me a really awesome present for my birthday this year. Since my work being a salesperson requires that I spent so much time traveling, he said that a car safety device would surely prove useful to me.

The emergency kit which he gave me was one among several vehicle protection products that he saw online. This particular merchandise is an all-in-one auto emergency tool that is capable of 4 different functions.

First, it features an extremely bright flashlight which can become useful in virtually any scenario in the evening or every time visibility is low. Next, it has a blinking emergency light that activates immediately on the removal of the device from its base.

The next function is a built-in hammer that may be used to break the window in case there’s a need to escape your vehicle. Finally, its seat belt cutter can easily rip through the seat belt should the need to break free from it come up.

This amazingly designed emergency tool was created to be of use for car security in all sorts of emergency situations. It even possesses water-resistant housing.

My new car defense gadget comes with a snap-on base which offers quick access and allows quick removal in case of an emergency. It’s further designed with a magnetic head which makes the device accessible if working on your own car.

On top of that, the seven-inch-long automobile emergency gizmo spells convenience in each and every aspect. It was made for a breezy installation that requires no tools whatsoever.

I have had the 4-in-1 auto emergency tool that my brother gave me installed for over three months now. In that short period, it has really served me more than once. In particular, the super bright flashlight as well as the blinking emergency light were of great help when my car broke down in the middle of nowhere one evening.

Also, Wildfire pepper spray gel is recommended as an effective non-lethal weapon for self defense purposes if attacked while awaiting vehicle assistance.

Helpful Tips To Defend Oneself Safely From An Attack

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

16 Inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton

In a sense, my own work being a bouncer is similar to security work. I am faced with unique characters on a regular basis that are typically drunk as well as keen to begin a fight. It is my duty to stop them, which certainly doesn’t make them too happy.

When an angry client once assaulted a bouncer I worked with, I knew that I needed security. Those who decide to buy steel baton  gadgets for self-defense suddenly made sense to me. I can quickly take one and whip it out in case of trouble.

During my research, I discovered a 16-inch rubber handle steel baton. Whenever expanded, it grows to 16 inches in length however it is just a 6.5 inches when closed, which makes it easy to place in a pocket.

I am a big male and reckon that a durable, expandable baton is what I need to secure myself. With only a flick of my wrist, it will expand to its prolonged size. Typically, it will be built with a rubber foam or handle for easy gripping as well as a heavy-duty nylon holster for convenient carrying.

The longest baton I’ve discovered up to now is a 26-inch rubber handle steel baton. Although 26 inches the moment prolonged, it is 9.75 inches if folded up. Its extra reach could surely help me defend myself from a safe range without needing to get too close to the attacker.

I will absolutely feel far more secure owning an extendable baton along with me for security. The reality that it opens up easily will allow me to protect myself effectively when I am facing an aggressor. Hitting the person once may be enough to frighten him off.

I wanted a baton which had a lengthy reach whenever brought out but also a relatively small size if collapsed. A 21-inch rubber handle steel baton seemed like the ideal choice. When not being used, it has a size of 8/25 inches so I don’t mind strapping it to my own belt.

Now, am aware that others’ decision to buy steel baton devices is a great one. With their lengthy reach, they are great for security.

Precisely How College Students Can Secure Their Safety With Defensive Pepper Sprays

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

WildFire 2 oz Pepper Gel

My mother and father became concerned when after they visited the urban university campus and saw the neighborhood where my apartment is located. These are dangerous times in the urban St. Louis, Mo community so both women and men are doing what they can to secure their personal safety and protection if attacked by street thugs.

I walk going to school given that we just live several blocks away however this distance did very little to make my mother and father feel at ease with my security. So, my mommy purchased me a pink pepper spray key-chain that she then attached onto my backpack.

Although I walk home along with other kids, there are times when their mother and father pick them up and I would be left by myself. This was what my folks were concerned about.

Given that father and mother are not always present to keep a close eye on me, they feel that kidnappers is going to strike in one of those moments. As soon as my mommy got the compact pepper spray off a self-defense store, she briefed me on how to use it and when.

I had viewed mini pepper sprays before but it never struck me that I would need one someday. She got me a 1/2 oz. Pepper Shot with colored leatherette carrier bag. It is a very small device that is included with a quick key release key chain. Regardless of its size, it could create 6 to 10 one-second bursts at a range of 6 to 8 feet.

She explained to me that my key chain pepper spray is non lethal as is any other defensive spray. I simply need to spray directly at the target then dash as fast as I could. It could block the air passages as well as swell the mucous membrane but the results is going to fizzle out in a few minutes.

Mother pointed out to call attention to passersby or go to the closest safe place like my school or the police station. As soon as I arrive there I must call her phone number or my dad’s. I was reminded to always be aware of my surroundings and to vary my route when commuting back and forth to school. The urban university in St. Louis, Mo I attend also mentioned for college students to walk in a group whenever possible.

Before I set off for school, I check my things to see if my pink pepper spray keychain is there. As frightening as the idea of being attacked is, I know that I can thwart a mugger or an attempt at abduction with my self defense Wildfire pepper gel.

How Women Can Defend Themselves From Being Victimized By Urban Street Thugs

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Stun Master Hot Shot Stun Gun

These are dangerous times In St. Louis and most large urban communities. Women that commute through out the city and female college students are protecting themselves with non-lethal stun guns and defensive pepper sprays.

It’s not so surprising anymore to find a lady who makes a self defense weapon a staple in her every day necessities. It’s difficult to disregard the everyday events of crime therefore it is just reasonable for anyone to take safety issues seriously.

Knowing self defense tactics is one way that you can preserve your safety in tough conditions. Or you can arm yourself with a compact stun gun so you can have the advantage as soon as confronted with an opponent.

From the subtle harassment you can have in a workplace to the much more violent assault you may encounter inside a dark parking lot, danger exists almost everywhere. Without having a way to counter violence, you can find yourself severely injured or worse.

There are numerous self-defense gadgets that you can use to ensure your safety. Choose a small stun gun should you choose to be a lot more discreet with your weapon. And because it is hassle-free to carry around, you will find simply no reason to leave it behind.

If you want to have the advantage over an attacker, you might want to take into account acquiring a disguised stun gun. These types are intelligently created to hide their real purpose and thus provide an element of surprise.

The beauty behind a concealed non-lethal weapon such as a rechargeable 4.5 million volt Pretender pink cell phone stun gun is the fact that it is equipped with unique features that raise your chances of escaping. You can light up dark locations with its handy 12-led flashlight and recharging its built-in rechargeable electric battery is made easy with an included wall charger.

Thinking you vulnerable, a bad guy will have no way of preparing for precisely what is about to hit him. However the second you hit him with your deceptive-looking though high voltage stun gun, it would be too late for him to put up any type of defense.

Having a compact stun gun is not only for your very own benefit but also for those that rely on you to come home safely. In these occasions of economic hardship, even a decent fellow can be influenced to do the incorrect thing and put your life at risk.

Crime is real and law abiding citizens can protect themselves from being victimized by violent urban crime.

Tips On Keeping Elderly People Protected From Attacks

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

Stun Master Stun Gun 300,000 Volts Curved

My granny would never let her age catch up with her.  Even though she is strong mentally, her old age has made her vulnerable to attacks.  During one of her weekly supermarket trips, she was robbed at the parking area and her groceries were taken from her.

I was appalled and could not believe that anyone would attack an old lay like my nana.  These sure are the types of situations that motivate people to buy stun gun weapons for protection. This is one of many tips on keeping elderly people protected from attacks.

stun guns release an electric shock straight into the body as soon as direct contact happens. This shock is powerful more than enough to knock the recipient down to the ground, which would give my grandmother time to get away from the harmful situation.

I was leaning towards 300,000 volts curved Stun Master stun gun for her. It is just 6/5 inches in height and comes with a safety switch as well as wrist wrap.  Its curved shape makes it simple to handle as well.

It looked as if a low voltage stun gun would work best for my grandma, seeing as it produces a milder electrical charge on account of its capacity for less than a million volts. Even though the stunning effect is milder, though, it still works effectively and is going to do the job of debilitating an attacker.

The low voltage is going to also be much easier for my grandma to handle, especially since it is her very first time to make use of one.  In any case, all stun guns are non lethal weapons.  She would have nothing to be worry about.

A stun gun can go through a 1/2 inch of clothing. With a much longer application, more pain is caused to the receiver. Moreover, I guaranteed grandma that her stun gun would not shock back in the even the target touches her at the moment of being shocked.

It was great that I located an online store where customers seemed able to buy stun gun products easily. Aside from getting my granny her own self defense device, I made a decision to purchase the rechargeable pink Runt stun gun for my own personal security.



Tips Regarding How To Continue To Be Safe When Out Alone At Night

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Rechargeable Pink Runt Stun Gun 4.5 Million Volts

These are dangerous times in St. Louis, Mo and other urban communities across the nation. Use these tips regarding how to continue to be safe when out alone…

With the rising crime rate today, it is only usual to be careful every time you are out by yourself, especially at nighttime. Also, I was mugged 3 times back when I was at university, so I am constantly alert.

To feel much more secure, I made a decision to browse on the web for a reliable self defense weapon. Upon learning of my daily Internet activities, my closest friend told me to search for the best stun gun for women there was.

She added that a stun gun is really a non-lethal weapon and can paralyze an attacker after direct contact. As a result, even when the receiver of the electric shock crumples to the floor, he will be up in no time considering that the effect is only short term. This gives the stun gun wielder just enough time to get away.

Moreover, my good friend recommended that I buy one of those small stun guns that can fit very easily in my purse or in the pocket of my jeans or shorts. Because of its size, I could hide it in my hand when I am out on a walk alone.

Furthermore, I can choose from high voltage stun guns. These types of weapon can bring the attacker to his knees with only a few electric shocks because the shocks being emitted are strong, to begin with.

Throughout my search, I came upon a 4.5 million volt pink Runt stun gun. What initially got my attention was its color. More than that, though, it provides 4.5 million volts that will easily take any criminal down. Since it is also small, your assailant is not going to know what got him, offering you the advantage because of the element of surprise.

I bought the stun gun and had it shipped to my home. It was precisely what the  site said about it. With my selected stun device, I now feel safer when I am out during the night.

For me, the best stun gun for women is one which could protect them while being very easy to hide within the hand yet not inflict any long term harm on their assailant.