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Women’s Guide To Self Defense When Outdoors

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Pepper Spray Jogger

A recent customer shared why it’s important always be prepared…

I am a fitness aficionado and a component of my own routine includes jogging each morning. As well, I am interested in sports activities such as boxing and also hiking. I find time to perform these things in spite of my hectic schedule at the office.

My buddies would usually remind me that I got to have protection, that I had to arm myself with a personal defense tool nowadays to make sure that I could protect myself against criminals. This is the key reason why I purchased a few non lethal Mace products for myself.

A burning experience which pepper sprays would leave in an attacker’s eyes or onto the skin would be my defense should an attack occurred. Pepper sprays are non deadly and the effects are temporary. The essential thing is to buy myself enough time to get free and look for help.

Coping with danger outside the house is serious. Attacks could take place at any moment of the day. Surely, there would be times which I would have a running buddy however, still, I like running by myself, which my pals find really dangerous.

My sibling once owned a pepper baton. The 4-gram fogger spray consisted of three one-second bursts and can spray around 5 feet. His small self defense spray might have been small and simple to hold and carry but was effective in fending off criminals. My brother escaped one successfully with its aid while he was brisk-walking on a weekend.

A coworker showed me her own Night Defender pepper gel on one occasion we had a conference recently, and I was impressed. The gel pepper spray got an embedded LED light and for a 45-gram unit, it could spray as much as 10 to 20 bursts within 18 feet.

pepper spray gel sticks similar to glue and does so doubly the more it is rubbed off, my workmate said. Likewise, this is not combustible.

I chose a jogger model self defense spray in pink simply because it suited my needs. The Mace pepper spray is a key chain defense spray, so it would come truly handy as I could grab it rapidly from my belt bag in case I needed to.

Defensive sprays are very effective at stopping a violent attack such as a sexual assault or attempted rape.


Tips For Being Safe During Dog Walks

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

Mace® Pepper Gel Night Defender

There are tips for being safe during dog walks especially at night.

Walking my pet dog has turn into a regular habit which also lets me workout. Regrettably, during one of our strolls, a mugger came up and got all the valuables I had, leaving me frightened.

I could not leave the house for several days. A neighbor offered to walk my dog meanwhile and said to me that one remedy to my fears was to have a self defense tool handy. It was then I looked for where to buy Mace pepper spray.

As that neighbor explained, even though she was inside the house usually, she had a home model defense spray. She mentioned you never know when a thief may break in, and I reckon she’s correct. home defense sprays are usually the largest available sizes. Hers sprayed up to 8 feet.

Before placing an order, I researched defense sprays and learned that they give a terrible burning pain in the face of the recipient. The pain is enough to leave the target disabled for a few moments.

While searching for one for my daily routine, I found a night pepper spray gel that I felt would be great for home use. It was 10% pepper gel with UV dye, built with a strong LED light that would blind an aggressor temporarily.

I found out that gel pepper spray adheres to the target just like glue. UV dye aids in identification. Anyway, no matter what potency, pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons and won’t cause long term harm on the aggressor.

I found just the thing which I could take along to my walks. This jogger pepper spray is easy to lug outside the house and includes a belt clip for easy access. I like that it comes with an 8 – to 12-foot range letting me to protect myself from a secure range.

Discovering where to purchase Mace personal sprays wasn’t that hard. There were many choices online that certainly offered me the courage to get back out in the street again.

Being aware of your surroundings at all times will also prevent being victimized by street thug.

Effective Self Defense Strategy For Late Evening Urban Commutes

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Mace®  Personal Model Hot Pink 10% Pepper Spray

The following effective self defense strategy for late evening urban commutes will help ensure your safety if attacked by a street thug…

I had always thought of turning into a chef but did not realize that it needed a lot of work and long hours. Immediately after graduating from cooking school, I needed to work my way up at one restaurant and would have to stay late hours.

As soon as one of my colleagues got attacked on her way home from one of our late nights, this frightened most of us. In order to stay away from such a situation from taking place again, my boss found a Mace spray online and told us to consider acquiring this kind of self-defense weapon for our defense.

I went ahead and searched on the internet and discovered a 10% pepper spray pocket model. This kind of small pepper spray is light in weight, compact and convenient to bring around. It features an easy-aim feature and also can fit easily into a bag or pocket.

Pepper spray leaves behind an unpleasant burning pain in the face of the recipient. This is going to immobilize the target briefly, giving you time to escape from danger and go to a safer place.

There was also a triple action personal pepper spray model. The 17-gram product features a range of 8 to 12 feet as well as has a mix of OC pepper, CN tear gas and UV marking dye. The dye helps mark the attacker to assist in apprehension.

Hot pepper sprays that contain OC pepper cause the eyes to slam shut as well result in nonstop coughing and also choking. CN tear gas causes constant tears along with an agonizing burning sensation within the face, which disorients the target.

The pepper spray with a hard case that I discovered would also be very easy to bring along. This particular key chain pepper spray may be linked easily in order to accomodate keys to make certain that it is constantly in your possession and quick to reach during emergency situations.

The moment I discovered various kinds of Mace spray during my search, I decided to test one out for my protection. Besides, all pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons and would not lead to permanent injury on their targets.

Being aware of your surroundings and being prepared to effectively defend yourself will assist greatly in safeguarding you or a loved one from being victimized by violent street crime.

Ideas For Safeguarding Yourself In Dangerous Times For St. Louis Residents

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Mace® Pepper Gel Night Defender

Ideas for safeguarding yourself in dangerous times is a growing concern for St. Louis, Mo residents. Particularly, law abiding citizens that live in the urban city and surrounding community. Being victimized by street crime and thugs are also a worry for commuters utilizing public transportation throughout the St. Louis area such as metro bus and metro link.

Due to the several means of self-defense in existence, it was a Mace pepper spray retailer that convinced me to purchase one over the other items. I loved that a defense spray is non lethal however effective and also you could keep your distance while fighting off a violent attacker.

A great deal of muggers are so desperate and in need of money that they are not likely to be level-headed in the midst of preying upon you. I desired pepper sprays simply because I can make use of these kinds of securely from nearly 25 feet away, depending on the model. These are dangerous times in the urban St. Louis community and law abiding citizens are seeking non-lethal alternatives to protect themselves from being victimized by violent criminals.

Defensive sprays are effective in stopping opponents because they leave an unpleasant burning feeling in the eyes and also on the skin. They are not intended to kill or damage an assailant permanently but to incapacitate the assailant for several minutes while you escape and get in touch with the authorities.

Pepper guns are very versatile and could come with features that will allow you to shoot from any kind of angle. Some types also come with a guide to help your aim a lot like a sniper weapon.

An advanced delivery system is a feature you ought to search for because you never know at what position you’ll be utilizing your pepper spray gun. This is exactly what will allow you to shoot one if you are hanging upside down or lying down on the floor.

Out of a whole variety, I bought the Mace pepper gun. It could produce around 25-foot blasts. It has a trigger-activated LED light for much better aiming, which also serves to disorient the opponent temporarily.

The economic downturn has made far more people desperate and our neighborhoods less safe. The person who sold me my Mace pepper spray declared that it pays to be well-prepared should you ever need to secure yourself. Self defense products are worthwhile investments which bring you reassurance and can sooner or later save your life.

personal security products for women are especially in great demand and can be conveniently purchased online for the best price.  Many residents wonder is downtown St. Louis safe?


St Louis Mayor Francis Slay Witnesses Brutal Knockout Game

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Crime is real in the city of St. Louis as the mayor of St. Louis , Mo discovered himself recently. The ridiculous knockout game has claimed another innocent St. Louis city resident as its victim. Non-lethal personal protection products are an effective form of self defense for anyone not comfortable with using lethal force such as a handgun for self defense against being victimized by street thugs.

Urban crime is real in our St. Louis community  and we all better be prepared to protect ourselves from being the next FBI crime statistic. Civic leaders can bitch and moan all they want about how St. Louis is being unfairly portrayed by the media. But now the St. Louis city mayor has witnessed the violence of some urban teenagers himself. It’s common sense, no one wants to live or visit an urban community where they can be frequently targeted by street thugs searching for an innocent victim to brutally attack.  Let’s be honest, no one cares to raise a child or family in such an environment. Unfortunately many of the good hardworking residence of the city don’t have a choice.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Non-Lethal Personal Protection Against St. Louis Teenage Hoodlums

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

It’s been reported by local media that 72 year old Hoang Nguyen and his 59 year old wife were surrounded and attacked by four African-American teenagers for thrills resulting in the death of the elderly man.  Nearby surveillance cameras show that robbery was not the reason for the violent and vicious attack of this immigrant couple walking home from the grocery store at 10:45 am Saturday morning.

This senseless attack by teenage thugs is another reminder why St. Louis is considered the most dangerous city in America.  Non-Lethal personal protection such as pepper spray is a necessity for self defense against roaming packs of teenage hoodlums looking to victimize innocent defenseless St. Louis residents enjoying an evening at the Delmar Loop or walking home from a local market.

Non-Lethal Personal Protection will instantly stop an attacker without causing any permanent damage but allow the intended victim time to escape and contact police.  Urban crime is real in the most dangerous city in America and St. Louis police can’t be everywhere.

Non-Lethal Personal Protection is being considered more and more as an effective means of self-defense against teenage hoodlums and other street crime.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban


St. Louis Thieves Target Child Care Parking Lots

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Please be vigilant about personal safety and always lock  vehicle doors after exiting. St. Louis thieves have been targeting child care center parking lots for women that leave purses in unlocked cars when dropping off  their children in the morning. Criminals are looking for easy prey to victimize so using common sense and carrying personal protection such as MACE  pepper gel will safeguard you if attacked.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

Defensive Pepper Spray Safeguards Women from Being Victimized by Creeps

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011


Female jogger was sexually assaulted by sexual predator on MetroLink bike trail.  Thug’s attempt to rape the woman was thwarted by the victim yelling for help as she successfully fought off attacker.  Other bicyclist nearby heard her cries for help and scared off the attacker.

This creep is still on the loose looking for another female to victimize.  All women should carry and be prepared to use Defensive pepper spray or pepper gel as self defense against an attacker.

Also, when exercising outdoors try to do so with at least one other person and never cover both ears with headphone or ear buds if listening to an Ipod, mp3 players, walkman etc. Leave one ear open to allow you to hear someone sneaking behind you as you jog or run.  Defensive pepper spray such as Mace are inexpensive yet effectively safeguards women from being victimized by an assailant.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban


How To Use Pepper Spray and Defensive Spray

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Defensive sprays such as pepper spray, Mace pepper gel, Wildfire pepper spray, Wildfire pepper gel and Pepper Shot, are extremely effective against an attacker when used correctly.

If you are attacked, draw your Wildfire pepper spray and fire a stream into their face.  This can be done while remaining a few feet outside of their reach; a major benefit in escaping an attack.

The best way to use the pepper spray is to keep the pepper spray closer to your body. You usually see people use pepper spray with the arm fully extended.  This may give the attacker a chance to grab the pepper spray or deflect you aim. Keep it closer to your body and fire into the eyes of your attacker.  You can adjust your aim as you are firing.

After firing your pepper spray or gel  into the attacker’s face, back up, if the attacker follows, spray him again.  Even if they are under the influence of drugs, the pepper spray will temporarily blind them and make breathing difficult.

Remember, the aim is to escape, not to fight or to stick around and punish the attacker, he may have accomplices or he may have a hidden weapon.  So, spray the Wildfire pepper spray,Mace pepper gel or Pepper Shot and then run away.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

Self Defense Against Machete Wielding St Louis Robber

Monday, February 21st, 2011

While no personal property is worth losing your life in an armed robbery, defensive sprays such as Mace pepper gel or Wildfire pepper gel are designed to be effective 8-10 ft. from an attacker. For example, the 18% Wildfire pepper gel covers the target in a sticky colored gel. Once sprayed, this Wildfire pepper gel act like glue to your assailant. This gel works immediately burning the skin and face, inhibits the respiratory system making it very difficult for the attacker to breathe and  swells the veins in the eyes and slamming them shut. These effect are only temporary lasting 30 -45 minutes causing no permanent damage.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban