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Today’s Technology Helps Keep Tabs On Your Wandering Toddler

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Child Guard Panda

Today’s technology makes it easy to monitor your little one…

I always hold my child’s hand when doing the groceries with her. But one time I let go and turned away, and, the moment I looked back, she vanished. I was on the verge of panicking. I was extremely relieved as soon as she went running up to me.

I felt extremely guilty that I could have lost her and also extremely terrified. I tried to find out exactly how to keep that from happening. It’s a great thing that a friend told me about the child guard monitoring system for this particular purpose.

With electronic child leashes, the kid puts on a transmitter and the mother or father keeps the receiver. If the toddler wanders off too far, like mine did in the grocery store, the receiver’s alarm sounds.

I like the Child Guard Panda which my fellow mommy suggested. The transmitter is beautifully hidden in a plastic case fashioned like a small toy panda which my child can put on attached to her clothes or on her arm while I carry the receiver along with my keys.

I like this child locator alarm is a lot better than other child locator alarms since I can vary the range of the signal with its dial, anywhere from six to thirty feet. In case another parent close by is utilizing the exact same kind of alarm, my own automatically adjusts its frequency so that it always transmits to my receiver.

The problem with numerous other child security alarms is that you can’t set the transmitting range, and you need to press a button on your receiver to see if your child is too far away. By that time, it may be too late.

I tested my kid’s alarm within the shopping mall several days back. I let go of my child’s hand and saw her make a beeline for some toys. The alarm beeped, and I smiled as I went over to her.

I feel a lot more secure when going shopping together with my daughter now. She has been a lot safer since we started out utilizing the Child Guard monitoring system to keep her secure.

Keep track of your busy little one by monitoring him with a child monitoring alarm.

How Can I Protect My Child Away At College

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

The following is from a mother concerned about her child’s personal security while away at college in St Louis, MO…

College students experience various risks within the college grounds every single day.  Huge campus grounds are counter-beneficial with regards to security matters.  This is the primary reason that I began looking into approaches to improve personal security for college students.

The truth is that school guards usually are understaffed.  As a mother of a college student, I would like to be able to check up on my kid even when he is far away.  I only would like to make sure that he gets back unharmed.  self-defense weapons are not the only devices that ensure personal security for college students.  In addition, information is a way to ensure campus safety.

I came across exactly what I needed in a GPS tracker which I found on the web.  A regular GPS tracker includes a built-in motion detector plus a good battery.  A minute GPS tracker can be as small as 2 by 1.5 inches.  It is weather resistant and equipped to send out a signal in all types of conditions.  It utilizes a GPRS connection and also Internet or phone mapping. You can utilize an option that sends alerts vial SMS.

Probably the most crucial part for me is that it can connect quickly and inconspicuously to campus security.  Colleges use this brand new technology to answer the needs of students while on the campus.

Many criminal offenses would be averted if this type of system is put into use in all campuses.  The tracker may be used to increase personal security for college students in many ways.  With a single click of a button, an alert can be transmitted that emergency assistance is needed immediately.

Fees apply once you begin using the tracker.  You can pay a set amount for a monthly service that gives you the tracking time and a number of check-ins.  You can also opt for mobile phone fees in which you pay one time for an activation fee. A GPS tracker can ensure personal security for college students anywhere they are.  Many university students would be hesitant to receive a tracker however what is important is that they are safe.

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Legal Personal Protection for Women at College

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

It is difficult to see children become adults and leave for higher education.  As soon as they leave your household, they are by themselves.  There are numerous things that you want they could take with them in order that they do not forget.  Among the best going-away gifts that you can give, though, is a College Personal Safety Kit.

You will not be around to provide them protection.  That is precisely why the next best thing would be to assure their legal personal protection even in your absence.  As much as you detest to entertain negative thoughts, remember that you will be exercising caution.

A college personal safety kit has all the stuff that you want around your college child.  It is a package of self-defense tools, each dealing with particular safety worries such as rape and also mugging.  Specialists who understand how to anticipate crime possibilities put the overall thought collectively.

Why should you go for a college survival kit?  For starters, it is useful because you do not need to rack you heads thinking about just what else to get to give foolproof solutions to securing your children.  You can never predict incidents but you can perfectly prepare for them. Legal personal protection for your kid off to college while help bring peace-of-mind that your daughter can effectively protect herself from crime.

Upon purchase, your college personal safety kit will include self-protection devices, instructional videos and manuals. You will need every one of these to know existing security and also safety considerations.  These will also provide you with a perception of how to deal with certain situations.  Each scenario warrants a particular remedy and all are considered legal personal protection.

In case your child takes evening classes, a 1/2 oz. pepper spray with keychain which is provided in the package is the ideal self-defense device to carry.  At the same time, remind your teenager to take an electronic pocket whistle all the time.  This is also a common component of a college personal safety kit.  Pepper spray can incapacitate the attacker while the whistle can bring attention from a distance.  A number of special purpose kits also include safety reports which are based on facts.  Being aware of what going on in these dangerous times can develop your daughters’s survival instincts appropriately.

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Crime In St Louis Requires GPS Tracker and College Survival Kit

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Crime in St Louis requires gps tracker and college survival kit for personal security  in our urban community. Especially for college and university parents sending their daughter off  to another city alone.

College students face various threats on campus each day.  Large campus grounds are counter-beneficial in terms of security matters.  This is the main reason that I started out checking out ways to improve personal security for college students. Parents must consider personal security before sending kids off to college.

The reality is that school security units are usually understaffed.  As a parent of a college student, I would like to be able to check up on my kid even when she is miles away.  I only would like to make certain that she returns unharmed. self-defense weapons aren’t the only devices that ensure personal security for college students.  Additionally, information is a means to to guarantee campus security. Crime in St Louis requires both residence and visitors to be vigilant about ensuring their personal safety. Many parents of students attending St Louis, Mo colleges and universities, have greater peace-of-mind after purchasing online the Extreme College Survival Kit for their son or daughter.

I found exactly what I needed in a GPS tracker which I came across online.  A typical GPS tracker features a built-in motion detector and a long-lasting battery.  A compact GPS tracker can be as tiny as 2 by 1.5 inches.  It is weather resistant and able to send out a signal in all sorts of situations.  It makes use of a GPRS connection plus Internet or phone mapping.  You can make use of an option that transmits notifications through SMS.

Perhaps the most critical aspect for me is that it can connect immediately and inconspicuously to campus security. Colleges use this brand new technology to respond to the needs of students while within the campus.  Many criminal activities will be prevented if this type of system is used on all campuses.  The tracker can be utilized to enhance personal security for college students in numerous ways.  Simply with one click of a button, the location of your child can be transmitted immediately, instantly notifying authorities of your location. Crime in St Louis is a serious problem so always be aware of your surroundings and the correct use of the Extreme college survival kit will provide the necessary non-lethal devices to keep your daughter safe at college.

Fees apply as soon as you begin using the tracker.  You can pay for a set price for a monthly service that provides you the tracking time and a number of check-ins.  You may also opt for mobile phone fees where you pay one time for an activation fee.  A GPS tracker can guarantee personal security for college students as they travel or commute to class. Violent crime in St Louis makes it necessary for parents to do what they can to safeguard the life of their son or daughter attending an urban university.

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An Exciting Time For Your Kids Off to College

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

It’s usually an exciting time for kids off to college. But it also can create some anxiety for parents knowing their son or daughter will away at college and want them to remain safe to enjoy the college experience. Personal security for college students is something that every parent must consider.

When your kids move out and on to college, nothing is more exciting for them then moving to their first college apartment off campus and out of the dorms.  Dorm life has it’s own feel and experience and most kids are relieved when they make the move into their own space.  There are some basics that you can make sure that your kids have when they make the move to that college apartment off campus.

The first thing that your kids should have is pretty obvious.  The most important piece of furniture in your kid’s apartment is a bed.  When it comes to your kid’s first bed in their own apartment, making sure that they have a comfortable mattress to sleep on.  Helping you kid by making sure they have a quality bed is a great way to help them be successful.  Sleep deprivation is one of the leading causes of issues in college and making sure your son or daughter has a comfortable place to lay their head is extremely important.

Beyond the bed, the second thing that you need to make sure your kids have is a desk to do their school work at.  A simple desk with great full spectrum lighting will give your kid a great place to do their work while at the same time make sure their environment feel safe and productive.

Beyond a desk and a bed, the next thing your kids will need for their first apartment is somewhere comfortable to sit and relax.  A simple futon or couch is often good enough to give your college kid a place to relax in their new home.  A television and game systems or other entertainment devices can be kept in the common area where it is comfortable to sit and play.

When it comes to the kitchen area, beyond a microwave, the one thing that is often forgotten, but is essential is silverware, plates, bowls, and cups.  Pots and pans are important as well, but while your kid is adjusting to life in their own space, being able to have the things that they need to microwave food for a quick bite is important as well.

For the bathroom, little things like a shower rack, cup holder, magazine rack, and toilet paper are all really important pieces of making sure that they have everything they need in their apartment.  A plunger, fire extinguisher, and toilet brushes are also great things to make sure that your kid has available.

The last basic is to make sure that your kid has all of the cleaning supplies that they may need from dish washing liquid, to bleach, laundry detergent, and even sponges.  Making sure that your college kid has these supplies will really help them move comfortably into their first college apartment off campus.

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Got A Kid Going Away To College?

Monday, August 8th, 2011

If you son or daughter is going away to college this fall, then you probably are already planning on what you need to send with them.  You have the college dorm checklist bring important things that are going to fit into the college sized dorm room.  Here are some of the basics to keep in mind when it comes time to move your teen off to college

the first things you need to consider for your college kid is the size of their dorm room and what things their school does allow and doesn’t allow in their rooms.  Some schools will allow hot plates, microwaves, and toaster ovens, while others won’t allow these items in the rooms.  The first place to begin is by starting with things that your son or daughter already has.  Often times, they will have favorite bedding, carpets, decorations, and other little things that they really enjoy at home.  Starting out with familiar sheets will give your college kid a sense of home comfort that new sheets will not.  Save the new sheets for when your college kid gets adjusted.

Once you have established what you have for your college kid’s room, it is time to start looking at things that you need to purchase.  A microwave, mini-fridge, and a laptop are all great things to make sure your college kids has.  Inside of their room you should add bedding, carpets, drapes, and posters that they really enjoy.  One often forgot item that is really important as well is to make sure that your college kid has a selection of towels and other bathroom items at their disposal.  A laundry bag or hamper is a wonderful thing to add to the college dorm checklist bring items.  It will make your ten’s life easier when they have a place for dirty laundry.  On you kid’s college desk, there should be a bright light or full spectrum light that they can work by, there should be an assortment of unique writing utensils, papers, and a printer for last minute printing needs on their way to school.

When it comes to personal items, your teen should have a toiletry bag that can carry all their items.  They should also have their own stock of toilet paper and tissues as well.  For their personal items, they should have shower shoes, shampoo, soap or body wash, brushes for hair, body, and teeth, tooth paste and their other bathroom essentials that all fit easily into a toiletry bag they can carry with them back and forth between the bathroom and their room.  The key with planning for your kid’s college dorm room is keeping everything portable and organized.  It is better that they come equipped with simple items that are easy to carry and easy to replace until they have adjusted to dorm life.  The college dorm checklist bring  should be simple and complete.

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Parents Can Assist Their Child with First College Apartment Checklist

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Living out is not like living at home, and you will soon find out that you have a lot more responsibilities and a lot more jobs that you have to do for your home in order to maintain it at pristine condition.  Before moving out, you will have to ensure that you have your first college apartment checklist ready so that you know about all of the products that you need in order to stay, say and happy.  Other than the generic products that you will need to be able to provide yourself with the type of tools for daily activities like washing your clothes, the concerns that many parents have for their children when it is time for them to move out is their safety.

Your first college apartment checklist should ensure that you are safe ant that you have all of the tools that you need to be safe.  While  there are many different types of information and products that should be on you first college apartment checklist.  The checklist should also include the different things that you should expect from an apartment.  C0nsider the type of apartment that you have and the location that it is in.  Then, take that information and compare it with all of the different types of products that are available on the market, and all of the different services that you can either get for your apartment or be sure that your apartment already has.  For one, you should always have a home security system that will be able to ensure that you are notified when strangers invade your home.  Employ a  home security system where there is actually a live-agent that will be responding to your call for help, and will notify the police for you about your situation if you aren’t immediately able to call.

There are many other things that should be on your checklist.  For one, you should have all of the items that you need to keep your house safe.  This will include having fire extinguishers and safety kits that will ensure that you are properly equipped in case of an emergency.  Ensure that you have the safety kit that you need in order to be able to treat wounds.  You will want to be sure that you have the equipment necessary to treat fire wounds and anything that you can come up with.  This checklist is extremely important, and if you want to be sure that you haven’t missed anything while you were finding out what to add in your checklist, the you will be happy to know that there are many online companies that have already done the job for you and made a checklist that will be able to provide you with all of the information that you need.  Parents will have greater peace of mind knowing that their daughter is using a well thought out checklist to keep her safe at college.

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Personal Security For College Students Living Off-Campus

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

The following observation is from a customer that understands the value of personal security for college students…

In college, there will be kids from everywhere going to the same school as you do. They’re students however that will hide malicious motives that you’ll never know about until it is too late.  For this reason, personal security for college students has to be made a priority.  Self-defense tools will absolutely come in handy however can end up ineffective if you buy the wrong items.  Not only does that put you in danger, it is a complete waste of money as well.

A great way to assure personal security for college students would be by means of special purpose kits.  These ideally consist of all the equipment that an undergraduate may need for safety against criminals.  Whether you need to have alarms set up in your room or a device on you person that can disable thugs, these kits would contain all of it and much more.  But, it is essential that you select one with the essentials suited for your needs.

A great college safety kit must possess a range of self-defense tools put together by professionals for the particular purpose of surviving in and out of university property.  Kits that uphold personal security for college students are also more cost-efficient given that you buy the contents as a whole.  Not only that, you save considerable time and effort from having to look for those individually.

There are several devices that you will need to remain safe however a few of the vital ones that you will be surprised you actually need would be a nap alarm, electronic pocket whistle and pepper spray with keychain.  When looking for a college survival kit, make sure that you obtain more than simply the actual units for protection.  Personal security for college students is more than simply about tools.  Obtain a collection that has an instructional DVD along with the user manual, and special safety reports.  By obtaining the appropriate kit and finding out how to put it to use, you will be able to rest assured that an unwanted event can be dealt with easily in your favor.

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Protecting Our Little Girl Attending Urban College

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Continued violence in the streets of  St. Louis is a valid concern to more and more parents sending their daughter off to college in our urban community. Freshman orientation at our urban universities better include personal security when traveling throughout St. Louis as stated in this observation from one worried parent…

It seems like just yesterday we were sending our little girl off to kindergarten on the school bus.  Those years of primary school field trips, middle school dances, and high school football games passed by so quickly.  When al the talk of going off to college became a reality, I just couldn’t believe how quickly we had come to this point in our lives.  As an only child, our daughter was doted upon and treated like the princess that she is.  The thought of her going off to college where she didn’t know anyone was a concern.  Thinking about her being there without us for the first time in her life was downright frightening to me.  She was thrilled to start this new adventure.  She’s a beautiful easy going, fun, down-to-earth young woman, and she had every right to be excited about this new journey she was about to begin.  As her mother, I was also excited for her, but I had the normal fears that every parent experiences when they send their children out into the world for the first time.  I was anxious and worried, not only about her being happy in this new place, but I was seriously worried about her safety.

The community that she is going to school in is a safe, closed-knit college town, but I still knew that anything could happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time, regardless of the location.  With news reports practically every week about the atrocities that go on, even in the safest, most respected cities and towns in our country, I knew that we had to make sure she was educated and prepared for anything that may have threatened her safety.  She had taken self-protection classes in high school, and those offered some self defense techniques, but it wasn’t an extensive course.  I didn’t feel confident that if something, or more specifically someone, threatened her safety, that she would be able to defend her self against an attack of any kind.  After a little research to find things that she could use safely and efficiently against an attacker, it became apparent to me that there were not only hundreds and hundreds of products on the market, but those products can be very expensive.  One can not put a price tag on safety, especially your children’s safety, but it didn’t have to outrageously expensive either.

A great and wonderful family friend told me about a site that she’d found quite by accident and had made a recent purchase for a niece after her graduation.  She told me that if I took a look at this site, I would not have to go any further that that to find everything I needed for my daughter.  i pulled up the urban self protection website that very evening, and as often is the case, my friend was exactly right.  It was like a parent’s dream come true in regard to their child’s  safety needs.  Everything, and I do mean everything, that my daughter could possibly need to protect herself in every way was offered by this company.  From room alarms to pepper sprays are available.  And what’s even more outstanding is that you can get all of the necessary products together, along with reports on safety and safety issues especially related to college students.

The urban self protection package is amazing.  The particular package that I chose was even designed with college girls in mind.  The package contained 4 different kinds of pepper spray, one of which is a lipstick pepper spray.  How brilliant is that! It also included 2 different alarms and a safe, along with an instructional DVD.  it is just simply perfect and has given us a lot more peace of mind.  Sending our daughter off to college still wasn’t an easy thing to do, but at least it wasn’t nearly as scary as I first imagined it to be.  Protecting our little girl has always been our number one priority, and it is so wonderful to see that there is a company who also has our daughter, and every one else’s college-bound son or daughter, as their number one priority too.  This outstanding urban self protection kit certainly allows me to sleep a little easier at night, and to a parent, that means the world.

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Personal Protection For Women

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

College is a scary time for the students and the parents alike.  For students, it’s their first time all alone in the world, without mommy and daddy to rely on and to help them should the need arise.  For parents, their baby is flying away from the nest, and without parental supervision for the first time in their life.  For girls a Self-Defense Kit For Women is a must have.

Therefore, parents try to prepare their child for every possible situation and stock their dorm room full of things to help them should the situation arise and they don’t have the comforts of home to help them.  Mini fridges are stocked full of milk, sodas, energy drinks for the occasional all night study session, and of course, with wholesome foods like fruits, homemade cookies and brownies, baked with love, and other staples to get kids through the first semester away from home.  Care packages filled with home bake sweets will add to the freshman fifteen, a curse that plagues all students away from home.

Once the fridge is well stocked with food, parents turn to outfitting the desk for optimal studying, seeing as they won’t be around to help encourage doing homework and good studying, and discourage procrastinating.  Bright new desk lamps shine onto fancy new laptops with built in web cams to enable Skype conversations with mom and dad at home. Brand new mechanical pencils fill a mug with sentimental memories from home and fancy guides to help survive the first semester at college line the bookshelves.  Crisp new textbooks are stacked on the desk, all ready for the new classes, and notebooks full of clean notebook paper sit on the other corner.  The desk is perfectly prepared for the first year at college, and making the most of studies.  The wall are adorned with pictures and a multitude of posters to try and make the sterile dorm room more house-like, and similar to their room back home.  A framed picture of the family is always slipped onto the dresser or bookshelf, to remind the student of their family back home.  The bedding is always an important part of the room: a new, mature comforter to replace the one left behind at home.  A rug lies on the floor, to make the cold tile warmer in the early morning.

Once the room is as comfortable as possible, parents make sure their child has a sick kit and a Self-Defense Kit For Women to keep them safe for every situation that arises.  Band-aids and antiseptic abound, plus cough drops and Advil or Tylenol.  Parents lose the chance to take care of their sick child when they are at school, so they make sure they have everything to combat everything from cuts to common cold to the flu or a fever.  There are lots of tissues and a card with emergency numbers listed for every possible health center:  the college infirmary, the hospital, minor emergency clinic, dentist, and eye doctor.  The card will invariably get lost in the mess and clutter of a typical college dorm, but its presence is reassuring to the parents in thinking their child will be able to get the proper help if needed.

In addition to the basic first aid kit, parents include a simple mechanic kit, with a hammer, screwdriver, and pocket knife, because one can never know when those will be useful.  Parents of female students will include a whistle with the hope that their daughter will wear it faithfully around her neck to signal for danger, as well as carrying along pepper spray (part of any Self -Defense Kit For Women) in her purse, and never walking alone after dark.  A Self-Defense Kit For Women is something that can be bought very inexpensively.

Students who have a car at college will find their car stocked with bottled water, a blanket, a spare tire, an extra insurance card, a flashlight, and anything a parent could think of that would be helpful in case the car should break down.  As for clothes, students will take a mix of new and old clothes: some students will need new clothes for a change in climate, heavy coats for the California kids going east, and tank tops and sandals for the Boston kids moving to the south.  Kids will want to keep clothes from home for sentimental reasons, shirts from sports teams and the plethora of SENIOR shirts to remember the last year in high school.

Parents can not protect their children when they are away at school, so they try and make sure they have everything they’ll need to take care of themselves as they venture out into the real world all by themselves for the first time, by giving them the perfect Self-Defense Kit For Woman.

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