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  • What Is Personal Defense?

    Although one might think this is self explanatory and it's obvious an act of defending yourself, another person or your property, this often confused with the legal term: Self Defense.

    We should always be careful and consider some legal details that need to exist for your actions to be considered self defense.  Also, keep in mind that laws vary depending on which State you reside.  At Urban Safety Solutions we are not legal advisers, but do have  years of experience selling these products.  In a nutshell, here are some principles that must be considered for your actions to be within the definition of "Self Defense".

    • Imminence: You can defend yourself with force (lethal or nonlethal) only against danger that is happening right now !
    • Proportional: The degree of danger is considered to determine if your response is proportional. In other words, if a person is threatening you with a rock, it would not be proportional to use a handgun against him.
    • Avoidance: Basically means that you should not use force if it can be avoided.
    • Reasonableness: It refers to how you evaluate the situation and the possible outcome. In other words, claiming self defense against someone holding a broom would not be considered reasonable.
    • Innocence: Of course, a person claiming their right to self defense, can not be the one than initiated the violence.

    As you can see, the concept of self defense is not always as easy as black and white, thus the importance of knowing all your options and perhaps protecting yourself with a nonlethal weapon can avoid any legal liabilities in the future.

    Always trust your instincts and be aware of your surroundings.

  • Are Stun Guns Heavy?

    Stun guns as well as Tasers come in a variety of models and styles. This allows for a great variety when it comes to size and weight.  Normally a stun gun will not be too heavy to carry and handle.

    Most can be comfortably carried by both business women and college students.

    We recommend you ask about this for the particular style or model you are interested in purchasing before you make your final decision.

    Usually you can find detailed information about stun gun and Taser products on sellers website.

  • Are There Different Types Of Stun Guns?

    Yes, when exploring the market you will be able to find several different types and models of stun guns.  Normally, the type you choose will be determined by your preference and the most effective way to use it.

    Among some of the most common ones you will find:

    Compact or Mini Stun Guns: Of course this refers to smaller models which are usually easier to carry in your pocket or purse.

    Stun Gun Flashlight: Refers to devices that not only look like a regular flashlight but also, additional to the regular use of a stun gun, can be used to provide light as any "traditional" flashlight does.  Usually the bright light it produces can be used to blind the attacker temporarily.

    Baton Stun Gun: These are stun guns built with a "long stick" which allows you to shock an attacker and at the same time maintain a safer distance.  These can also be used as a weapon like a regular police baton.

    Heavy Duty Stun Guns: These, of course, as the name implies are usually used by professional security experts like security guards or policemen.

    Please keep the above information in mind when purchasing a stun device for someone other than yourself.

  • Are There Stun Guns For Women?

    Yes, there are many models in the market today that are specially designed for women. These special designs don't refer to the color (pink stun guns) but also in the ease of concealing them and actually going unnoticed by a possible attacker like the case of a Trigger Stun Gun.

    Other models that are not necessarily for women but offer the same stealth can include the popular: Cell phone stun gun (a stun gun "disguised" as a cell phone) and the Runt stun gun.

    Both the Trigger and Runt stun guns feature a powerful 100 Lumen LED flashlight and disable pin.

  • Who Can Own A Taser Gun?

    These type of non lethal self defense devices are legal in 45 states. Normally, if you reside in a state where they are legal. Anyone over 18 years old can own one.

    Keep in mind there still might be restrictions where stun guns and tasers are legal. Like being able to carry and conceal in public buildings.

  • How Much Do Stun Guns And Tasers Cost?

    As with any other products, the costs will vary depending on what you want to get.  The price range will be as wide as the variety of models out there.  You can opt for a small one to a larger more powerful one depending on your budget.  Of course, you need to keep in mind that as with anything else in life, you get what you pay for and most times if you choose a cheap model, you will not get the high quality you are expecting.

    Keep in mind your protecting your life or the life of a loved one.

  • Are Stun Guns And Tasers Safe?

    Generally speaking using either tasers or stun guns is safe as long as you do so as instructed by the manufacturer.  As with any self defense device you need to be cautious not to leave them within the reach of a small child or anyone who might use it for other purposes.  Keep in mind they are not toys.

    Most of the stun gun models today include some kind of safety feature to prevent accidental discharge of the device.  Additional to this you will also find models that include other protective features like a disable pin, which is a wristband that is attached to the device by a pin which has to be connected to if in order for the stun gun to work.

    Both stun guns and tasers are very effective non-lethal alternatives to personal protection for nurses, school teachers or anyone wanting to avoid being victimized by street thugs.

  • Can Stun Guns Kill A Person?

    No, stun guns are non-lethal.  Even though Electronic Control Devices (ECDs) such as stun guns and tasers are meant to be non-lethal, you always need to keep in mind they are not meant to be toys and are to be considered dangerous.

    We need to consider that even if some studies have been made concerning the consequences for your brain of receiving an electrical shock from these devices, not a lot is known about long term effects   It is always best to learn about the safe way of using any of these devices when buying them to avoid any unwanted results.

    The Bad Ass Flashlight Stun Baton is an effective non lethal alternative for college students and anyone having to walk alone at night.

  • Are Stun Guns Legal?

    By definition a stun gun is a non-lethal device used to only immobilize an attacker. However some states do regulate them and although in most they are considered legal, some specify certain conditions that need to be observed.  Such is the case of states like Virginia, Florida and California where you can legally own a stun gun or taser unless you have been previously convicted of a felony.

    Other states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Illinois regulate these by allowing anyone who has a permit for firearms to possess them.

    Although a minority, some states do consider them to be illegal, such is the case with New York and New Jersey.

    That being said, the best advice we can give you is to consult your local authorities before you actually purchase a stun gun or taser.  Even if you are certain it is legal to own and carry one, there is always a chance of you having to observe certain conditions to use them.

    Please check stun gun laws for the area where you live.

  • What Is The Best Stun Gun Brand To Buy?

    Any brand that Urban Safety Solutions sells has been tested and proven over time by thousand of users. So, you can buy with confidence.

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